Unsafe: Molly and Torian’s relationship in Season 5

Insecure The final season has delivered all the dramas we have longed for for the shocking moments so far. Issa no Ma (Ichicha no Ma)Issa Rae) And Lawrence’s (Jay Ellis). Inevitable division First episode and theirs Troublesome break-in with Condora (Christina Elmore) And baby Elijah, the last season is a drag on us. But the latest Shocker of the season may come from a romance that may be blooming with Molly. .. .. Taurian (Lenard Robinson).

Yes, you remember Taurian: Molly’s stiff ass colleague from a law firm who loves to give her a tough time. After her rough farewell to Andrew (Alexander Hodge) of Insecure Season 4 finaleMolly’s trekking back to the date pool was a difficult battle.Her complex love life was the subject of the show from the beginning, but now she seems to find stability. very A surprising place.

“In Season 3, I think they were planting seeds for that potential event.”

Robinson was just as shocked to find out that his character would spend more time with Molly this season, but fans wondered where this next step in their relationship would take them. I’m looking forward to seeing it. “I think they were planting that potential seed in Season 3,” Robinson told POPSUGAR. “The great thing about the show’s writers is that they play with different forms of storytelling each season and make some adjustments to it. [one point], I was, I think it can go that way. But at the same time, I realized that they could drop the whole story in the same way and pick up some new place. “

Unknown to the viewer, Molly’s personal relationship draws many similarities between her and Taurian’s work.slowly) It has grown since I first met in Season 3. According to Robinson, the turning point in their relationship came in Season 4, when they finally dealt with their apparent tensions. And it urged Molly to recognize some of her toxic features in other areas of her life.

“She started looking at things differently, like’I’m going to approach all relationships in a slightly different way,'” he said. “Yes [Insecure has] I used the Taurean-Molly relationship as a way to try and solve some of those things.As seen in episode 6 [this season] At work retreat, I found that part of the reason Taulian was like Season 3 was because he was dealing with some personal things that flowed into his work life. Beyond that, he’s a little more open, embracing relationships and looking at people from a different perspective. So it fits perfectly with Molly, who is also in that space of her life. “

It was a big surprise to see the sparks between these two in episode 6, but Robinson is happy to see his character finally appear in a new way. “I actually joked with one of the writers this season and said,’I don’t think I’m laughing so much in Season 3, so thank you for finding a way and a reason to laugh,'” he said. “It’s funny because I spent a lot of time becoming an adversary in the office, but there’s everything personal except work. I really had to ask these questions myself. How does Torian laugh? How does he relax? I really put some work in it and tried to think about it. “

“What’s the turning point for Molly? She decided to take Torian seriously when things really got serious.”

With all the ups and downs of Molly’s failed relationship, the final season of the show seems to be the best time for her to do. Apply her new attitude Towards love — with one person who didn’t expect her to get involved the most. “What’s the turning point for Molly, and she decided to take Torian seriously when things really got serious,” Robinson said. “There is no vulgar motive to deal with her mother and see her clean up in a stressed retreat and someone is actually there for her. Then you have those things else Start seeing a pop-up in the episode, and she says, “This guy is really just supportive and moving at the speed I want. [without] Any request or pressure. “

Despite the constant head-to-head of Molly and Torian, the two have much more in common than originally thought. Both are very career-oriented and have strong work ethics, so in a sense it makes sense for the two to explore the possibility of a relationship. At this point, they both deserve a happy ending.In addition, it Insecure It’s last season, so why don’t you go out with a bang?

“When you start seeing how you want to look at your life, if you really want to be calm and serious, I think it’s often different from what you imagined,” Robinson said. “But if you look at what you want and what you really need, you can find it in unexpected places. I think that’s what’s happening to Molly and Torian. Didn’t check each other like that until one day it happened and it became like “Oh, this does a kind of work? Interesting”. “

Unsafe: Molly and Torian’s relationship in Season 5

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