Use lessons learned to bring pandemic education back to the classroom

At the 180th Annual Meeting of the American Acoustic Society from June 8th to 10th, Andrew Morrison of Joliet Junior College used lessons learned by educators during distance learning caused by a pandemic and instruction to return to the classroom. Clarify the techniques you can do.Credits: Andrew Morrison, Joliet Junior College

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes and challenges to many. In the field of education, teachers were asked to recreate lesson planning and student interactivity in the virtual realm. This is something that many have never experienced.

At the 180th American Acoustical Society, which takes place from June 8th to 10th, Andrew Morrisson of Joliet Junior College returns with lessons learned by educators during the pandemic-induced distance learning. Classroom guidanceThe session is “Learn to teach through a pandemic and look forward to the world after COVID-19. Classroom, ”Will be held on Tuesday.

Morrison said that many adaptations of pandemic education are unlikely to move into the classroom, but should be retained to increase fairness of access to the course and increase student involvement, such as the use of online collaboration tools. I felt there.

“In general, I think there are some Online tools Morrison said, “This may require some tweaking to be correct in the first few times we do it, but it works to raise my expectations. student Understanding the relationship with the material and what we are trying to achieve. “

Many educators have previously been in order for students to continue to participate in online classroom activities. teaching A technique for experimenting with new components on the fly. They did this while balancing non-educational work with family responsibilities. Pandemic..

“It was hard to deal with all at once,” Morrison said. “I think the real biggest challenge was having to change almost everything I was doing. One of the strategies I learned to implement active engagement components in my class was taught by the course. It was to implement only one change in the course each time it was done. This year was the exact opposite. “

Developing an online classroom culture with students meant creating a reliable environment in which students felt their worth and turned to instructors for help rather than relying on Internet sources. .. Morrison said the physical disconnection with the students raised their awareness of their teachers’ perceptions.

“Some students feel like they had the wrong idea about the role I played in the past year,” he said. “They had the idea that I was there just to set up classes and grade assignments. Sometimes I was disappointed to see my expertise not being evaluated by students.”

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Quote: Lessons learned from the transition of pandemic education (June 8, 2021) on June 8, 2021 Obtained from and returned to the classroom

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Use lessons learned to bring pandemic education back to the classroom

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