Utah 2021 High School Wrestling Championship Closer

Last week, two weeks of high school state wrestling championships ended, and nine state championships were distributed between boys and girls wrestling.

This was the first season for women’s wrestling to host their own state tournament, with 6A and 4A winning team championships and the rest of the states competing together in a joint tournament.

The six boys’ state champions were Pleasant Grove (6A), Payson (5A), Yuinta (4A), Juab (3A), Beaver (2A), and Pangich (1A).

The girl champions were Westlake (6A), Mountain Crest (4A) and Maple Mountain (combination).

Let’s take a closer look at all nine championships.

6A boy

Pleasant Grove has won its 10th title in the last 11 years and has maintained its advantage in 6A wrestling.

Alex Emmer (138), Ted Johnson (182), and Wyatt Dawe (285) won the individual state titles of the Vikings with a total of 12 state placers.

“It’s great to be part of this history,” Emmer said.

At £ 132, West’s Drew Lang defeated Westlake’s Jacob Finlinson 4-1 to deny his fourth state title. It was a rematch of last year’s state championship.

Layton’s Quad Smith (120), Corner Canyon’s Cameron Moss (170), and Heliman’s Tarmage Carman (195) were repeated state champions.

5A boy

Payson won the first 5A State Championship in the second year of the classification, so it was too deep for the rest of the classification. Recently, we won the 3A title in 2014 and 2015 and the 4A title in 2019.

Pason’s depth in the day’s tournament led Lions to score 265 points, easily surpassing second-placed Boxelder’s 205.5 points, leading to 15 state placers and one state champion.

Payson’s only champion was £ 106 Aaron Garcia.

“It was a real team effort. It wasn’t the five studs that beat all our points. Our JV guys, we haven’t scored points yet. We had kids, “said Payson coach Jeb Clark.

Boxelder may have finished second as a team, but won all five championship matches: Jackson Rix (113), Bridger Rix (120), Caleb Marx (170) and Lucas Cochrane (170). , Shining under the dim light of the final match. 195) and Keren Collier (285).

Cochrane has completed his three-time state championship career, and Bridger Rix won his third with a chance to finish fourth next year.

4A boy

Uintah caused a 22-year state title drought by winning the 4A State Championship away from Mountain Crest.

“This year we have a group of kids who worked hard and wanted it above all,” said Uintah coach Phil Ketty. “They worked hard for this not only during the season but also during the off-season, and it paid off.”

Uintah’s individual state champions were Clayson Mele (120), Brady Merkley (132), Josh Holmes (138), Austin Richens (170), and William Price (182).

State champions were Bear River’s Trenton Ward (106), Markley, and Hurricane’s Josh Armstrong (152).

3A boy

Juab comfortably won the state championships five times in a row ahead of Morgan and Emery, and maintained his dominance in 3A wrestling this year as well.

The five Juab champions were Rowdey Peterson (106), Channing Warner (138), Chase Ingram (145), Will Harmon (170) and Shan Jackson (285).

“I worked for this all year round, and it was just together,” Peterson said. “We just went and sharpened every day and it paid off.”

Warner, Ingram, Harmon, and Jackson were repeated state champions, along with Richfield’s Dason Torgerson (113), Morgan’s Weilen Pentz (132), and Emery’s Hayes Dalton (182).

2A boy

Beaver narrowed Millard by 12.5 points to win the first wrestling state championship in school history.

“This was a complete team effort,” said coach Robbie Bradshaw. “Every point was important, every pin was important. Every child was important and we couldn’t have achieved it without each and every one of them.”

Bradshaw has been the head coach for 10 years, and he said it was a slow evolution to get the program to its current location.

Beaver’s state champions were Russell Evans (126) and Court Radon (170).

All three repeat state champions, Riggin Boger (160), Cash Rob (220) and McIntyre Soccer (285), were welcomed by Altamont.

1A boy

Pangichi took on the business with rival Paiute and won the 1A Championship for the second consecutive year.

“We knew there was a fight against Piute,” said Pangich coach Colin Marshall. “They have worked really hard to put together a great team. I was really impressed with how our team got together. It was a real team effort for us … I think they I couldn’t be proud of it anymore. “

Pangichi outperformed Piute by 47 points.

Pangitch finished with five champions: Owencroft (106), Hunter Dickinson (113), Bryson Henry (120), Portershoppe (132) and Wade Kristensen (220).

Repeated state champions include Payute McRae Gailer (138), Milford’s Quaid Thompson (145), Payute’s Jacks Coburn (152), Milford’s Blake Burns (170), and Payute’s Porter Trap ( It was 195).

6A girl

At the first 6A Girls State Tournament, host Westlake left Copper Hills to win the title with 288 points, 55 points ahead of the Grizzlies.

“Take girls who have no wrestling experience and build them in a way that really feels good,” said Westlake coach Ben Sabo. “The girls who won this tournament were not the state titles, but the girls in 3rd and 5th.”

The individual Westlake champions were Jamie Barton (108), Celeste Detoles (120), Elizabeth Shunn (140) and Emmy Finlinson (150).

Shun explained how far Westlake has come as a program and how fulfilling it was to win the state championships. “A few years ago, I was the only girl in the club here,” Shun said. “It’s really cool because we have such a big team and we can win as a team.”

4a girl

Mountain Crest dominated the first 4A Women’s Wrestling Tournament, scoring 427 team points. Bear River came in second with 171 points.

The Mountain Crest ended with six champions: Jalise Wakley (124), Ella Dekorver (132), Hanna Evans (140), Brynlie Hansen (150), Rosa Campos (170) and Sheccid Alvarado (190).

“I’m very proud to know that all these women are paving the way for the future,” said coach Janae Liljenquist, who said the program started with 25 wrestlers and continued to grow throughout the season. Said.

Combined girl title

The Maple Mountain girls won a joint state tournament featuring teams of 5A, 3A, 2A and 1A.

Maple Mountain finished first with 192.5 points, followed by ALA with 144 points and Rich with 108 points.

The individual champions of Maple Mountain were Abigail Archibald (150), Ashley Camacho (190) and Morgan Hongsbic (245).

“It’s been a bit frustrating for the last few years to work on the Women’s State Championship without being recorded (as a UHSAA official sport),” said Archibald. “So I think it’s pretty nice that this year is actually the first year to be recorded, and I’ll be joining it.”

One of the country’s top female wrestlers, ALA’s Sage Mortimer has completed her high school career with a £ 115 women’s state title.

Utah 2021 High School Wrestling Championship Closer

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