Utah Utes: Nephi Sewell didn’t miss the beat moving from safety to LB

In his third season as a Utah linebacker coach, Colton Swan manages one of Utah’s defense strengths.

On linebackers, Utah boasts veteran stars like Junior Devin Lloyd and Nephi Seawell, as well as highly advertised freshmen like Tray Reynolds and Mason Tufaga. Another promising freshman linebacker, Cole Bishop, has moved safely.

Seawell, whose brother Penay is an aggressive lineman in Oregon and is expected to be in the top 10 in the NFL draft later this month, enjoyed the breakout season last year after switching from safety to linebackers.

“He’s an amazing person. He has a mysterious ability to go to football. It’s like I’ve never seen it before,” Swan said of Nephi Seawell. “He really, really understands the attack. He really, really understands the defense. He is in a great position to play. He is very productive. He is very productive. Not the tallest man, but he’s packed with powerful punches. He’s physical. Perhaps his best attribute is how to find a way to go to football. He believes in football. I have the knack that I can’t do. “

Asked about his performance last season, Seawell said: They take on a lot of blocks to clean me and Devin. Talk to Director Swan, who has guided me throughout the COVID season. I turned to a linebacker. I am happy to have a great coach. We would also like to thank Scully (Defense Coordinator Morgan) for planning to put it in the right place each week. “

Utah linebacker Nephi Sewell is watching during a spring camp at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.
University of Utah Athletics

Lloyd, the finalist of the 2020 Butkus Awards, could have declared an NFL draft, but instead chose to return to another season of college football.

“It was Christmas morning over there. My reaction was very exciting,” Swan said of what he learned about Lloyd’s return to the program. “As we all know, he’s an amazing player and an amazing young man. What a blessing. I’m very excited about his return. Another year with him. It’s an opportunity to work together and perfect his skills. “

Meanwhile, Reynolds and Tufaga signed Utah in December, registered in January, and are well on their way to participating in spring practice.

“I’ve had 10 exercises so far and they’re grabbing a bull with a horn. They’re doing a great job. They come to work every day and work hard,” Swan said. .. “They already have a very good foundation. They have a very good idea. The foundation for hard work has already been laid.

“They love spending time wearing those projectors in the video room,” Swan continued. “They have a great attitude, very tenacious kids, very physical. I love all of them I’ve ever seen.”

According to, joining the group this summer is Ethan Calvert, the third most acclaimed signator in program history.

“Ethan is a special player. He has a great high school career. He is very well advertised across the country,” Swan said. “I have high expectations, but in this program, and with me, I’m not given anything and I’m always earning, so he comes in like everyone else, works hard, and holds that position. Expected to win.

“If it comes out on the field, you have to win it. But my expectations are high. He is a very good high school student and I coach him and he I have to do a very good job to put him in the right place. I want to come to him and earn it to work. It’s also his spirit. “

Sewell also likes what he sees from freshmen.

“I’m really happy that they are here. It’s not an easy decision to leave the family early,” he said. “I was impressed by the new people. They are picking up the defense pretty well. Of course there are mistakes, but (Spring Ball) is nearing the end and I’m proud. They get better. I’m working hard for that. ”

Utah Utes: Nephi Sewell didn’t miss the beat moving from safety to LB

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