Vaccine Center, New Stimulation Checks Included in Biden Plan

Wilmington, Delaware – President-elect Joe Biden is proposing a $ 1.9 trillion plan to expand coronavirus immunization, support individuals and revitalize the economy. The plan, which requires Congressional approval, is packed with suggestions for healthcare, education, labor, and cybersecurity. The contents are as follows.

Contains virus

— The $ 20 billion national program will set up community immunization centers across the United States to send mobile units to remote communities. Medicaid patients will be borne by the federal government, and the government says it will take steps to ensure that all people in the United States receive the vaccine free of charge, regardless of immigration status.

— An additional $ 50 billion will help expand testing efforts and help schools and governments conduct regular tests. Other efforts will focus on developing better treatments for COVID-19 and improving efforts to identify and track new strains of the virus.

Individuals and workers

— A $ 1,400 stimulus check per person, in addition to a $ 600 check approved by Congress in December. By providing the Democratic Party’s previously sought-after payment of $ 2,000, the government says it will help families meet their basic needs and support local businesses.

— Temporary increase in unemployment allowance and eviction and foreclosure moratorium will be extended until September.

— The federal minimum wage will be raised from the current $ 7.25 per hour to $ 15 per hour.

— Emergency measures that require employers to provide paid sick leave will be revived. The administration is calling on Congress to maintain the requirements until September 30 and extend them to federal employees.

— Childcare tax credits will be extended for one year to cover half the cost of childcare, up to $ 4,000 for one child and $ 8,000 for families with two or more children under $ 125,000 per year. .. Families earning between $ 125,000 and $ 400,000 will receive partial credit.

— A $ 15 billion federal grant to help the state subsidize child care for low-income households and a $ 25 billion to support a child care center on the verge of closure. Fund.


— $ 130 billion to help schools from kindergarten to high school reopen safely. This money is intended to help Biden achieve his goal of opening most of the K-8 schools nationwide within the first 100 days of the White House. Schools can use this money to cover a variety of costs, including purchasing masks and other protective equipment, upgrading ventilation systems, and staffing school nurses. Schools are expected to spend money on efforts to help students who have fallen behind in school during a pandemic and to meet their mental health needs. Part of the funding will be used for educational equity grants to support the challenges posed by the pandemic.

— Public universities will get $ 35 billion to cover pandemic-related costs and fund students as an emergency grant. An additional $ 5 billion will be donated to the governor to support a program to help students who have suffered the most pandemics.

Small business

— $ 15 billion in grants and other support to over one million SMEs hit hard by the pandemic.

State and local government

— $ 350 billion in emergency funding to state, local, and territorial governments to support frontline workers.

— $ 20 billion in public transport assistance.

Cyber ​​security

— $ 9 billion to modernize federal information technology systems, motivated by recent cybersecurity attacks that have invaded multiple agencies.

— $ 690 million to boost federal cybersecurity surveillance efforts and $ 200 million to hire hundreds of new cybersecurity professionals.

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Vaccine Center, New Stimulation Checks Included in Biden Plan

Source link Vaccine Center, New Stimulation Checks Included in Biden Plan

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