Valentine’s Day Dates for Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson

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Keke Palmer spent Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend Darius Jackson at the San Diego Zoo, but she knows that February 14th can look different to everyone. With a heartfelt Instagram post, “Nope” actress Jackson spewed out an adventure planned for them, but also to her followers The importance of self-love The weight of how things look on social media. “Valentine’s Day should look different to everyone,” Palmer wrote. “It’s an expression of love, and we all have a unique perspective on what it is. Romance novels and social media often wrap up what it should look like. I know what I can do. Feeling is more important than looking. “

She continued. “So people may tell you what you should do and how you should spend today, but your day will be filled with love the way you like to receive it. Hope you have! The love you need most is from yourself. “After that, Palmer told Jackson that he had a special day and” always curated a unique experience for me. ” Thank you.We are always grateful Palmer keeps it a reality with his followersHowever, this particular message of this particular day resonates deeply, as the comments are filled with gratitude for her honesty and transparency. And Jackson is also grateful. Her boyfriend commented on this post, “There is certainly one thing. We are active! Thank you for being a great companion and always on an adventure with me.”

Their first Valentine’s Day looks like something special together.Jackson becomes Palmer Happy birthday on InstagramNote that she elicited the “unknown” feelings he had in him, and it is clear that Palmer feels the same.She is relatively Quiet about her past relationships, But fans have glimpsed their love on social media over the past few months, and two have been struck. “I hate it, so it feels really good not to be too muddy and not afraid to show this kind of care for someone I don’t share the same blood,” she says. increase Written in October..

Palmer and Jackson celebrated many milestones together — Christmas, birthday, they also attended World series — And now we can add Valentine’s Day to the list. Cheers to the celebration of their love in the way that makes the most sense to them.

Valentine’s Day Dates for Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson

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