Van Jefferson’s wife gave birth after the Super Bowl

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Van Jefferson spent the night in hell. February 13th, Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Super bowl champion And two fathers. About half of the third quarter of the game, the NFL Reporter Bridget Condon tweeted She thought she saw Jefferson’s wife “leaving the stadium on a stretcher just before giving birth.” In fact, she was right.Jefferson’s wife, Samaria, she gave birth immediately because things were getting hot and she just gave birth to their boy. 2 hours after the game.. Jefferson shared a photo with his newborn son in his Instagram story later that night and wrote “X2 !!!!!”. It’s unclear what they named their son, but I think “champion” and “winning” are some viable options.

“I’m pregnant in the Super Bowl for 40 weeks and support my husband 100%.”

Samaria never missed one of her husband’s home games, nor did she miss the Super Bowl. “Like any other game, I’ll be there this Sunday, calm down … and pray to God that my water won’t break,” she said in an interview. Athletic Before the game. “I’m going 100% there. I never miss this moment. I’m pregnant for 40 weeks in the Super Bowl and 100% support my husband.” She gave birth on February 17th. I was going to do, but their boys he The end of an exciting game!!

After Vince Lombardi’s trophy ceremony and the name of the game’s MVP, most players need to stay for a press conference and festive photos, but Jefferson learns that his wife is giving birth. Was out of there On the way to the hospital When Towing his daughter and father.. Jefferson’s father, Shawn Jefferson, is a former NFL player and wide receiver coach for Arizona Cardinals.High school lover Jefferson and his wife are already 5 year old daughter Bella’s parents.. Congratulations to the Jeffersons for the victory of the Super Bowl and the birth of a boy!

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Van Jefferson’s wife gave birth after the Super Bowl

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