(Video) Master P says he goes to the funeral of his daughter who felt like his burial

About eight weeks ago, Master P shared tragic family news with his fans through his social account. He called for privacy as his family was saddened by the death of his daughter Tichana Miller.He didn’t elaborate on the cause of her death at the time, but he Mental illness and substance abuse At the post. Above all, he demanded the privacy of his family. A few days ago, he spoke in his first television interview after the death of his daughter about Tichana’s death to Gayle King.

“It’s difficult. Where did I come from, from poverty, you would think you would live longer than your child, and that was the mission,” Master P said in an unstable voice. .. “I feel like I went to my daughter’s funeral. I feel like I went to my funeral. And I don’t want to go to the funeral anymore.”

Master P said he received “the worst phone call a parent could receive” from another daughter. Since then, he has been thinking about her every day and can’t stop thinking about her. But still, he says, he realized he couldn’t get Tichana back. Therefore, Master P’s current mission is to turn pain into passion and purpose. He hopes to work with experts to help other children and families by making them aware of mental illness and substance abuse.

“My overall purpose right now is not to ask you because I don’t know why you passed me through this god, but I’m going to get out of here and save millions,” Master P. Said. “I’m going to help, I’m going to do something.”

Master P says Ty Tyana is “getting better” before overdose

The fight against Tichana’s addiction was not a secret.She talked about them at the show before Growing hip hop, Revealed a battle that lasted almost 10 years. But in May, she lost the war due to accidental overdose addiction. In her sit-in with her Gale, Master P reveals her progress made by her daughter earlier.

“She was getting better,” said Master P. “We were just out of rehab and she was going in the right direction. Sad about that … my daughter said,” I want to be president, “she got herself. Like … “I want to do something to help people.” And that’s why I said, my daughter was my parachute. She was writing a book. “

Like “all parents,” Master P says he’s thinking about what he said, what he did better, and what he could do more than that.

“My daughter had a lot of life left,” said Master P. “She was a happy woman who knew she could do better tomorrow.”

His final message to families dealing with mental illness and substance abuse is “Talk about it, don’t keep this secret.”

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(Video) Master P says he goes to the funeral of his daughter who felt like his burial

Source link (Video) Master P says he goes to the funeral of his daughter who felt like his burial

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