View Dexter Reboot Trailer and Teaser

Raise your hand if you feel personally damaged DexterSeries finale.. After eight years, fans can be delighted. Showtime is bringing Dexter back Your favorite part-time forensic scientist, part-time serial killer, in a 10-episode miniseries starring Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan. The new cast includes, among other things, Clancy Brown as the mayor of the town where Dexter currently resides.

In front of Show premiere with Showtime and streaming There are two official teaser trailers you can see this fall-but be careful, they only raise your expectations! So far, I’ve got one in April and one in May. In short, new ones should come soon. See the teaser on the previous slide.

View Dexter Reboot Trailer and Teaser

Source link View Dexter Reboot Trailer and Teaser

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