View this exclusive clip from PowerBook II Episode 9

Clan Tejada is confused after all Family secret spilled of “Power Book II: Ghost” From Diana (Latoya Tonodeo) to Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.), A wand that meanders the family (Woody McLean), Monet (Mary J. Blige) Everyone is in conflict with each other, lying about Zeke (Daniel Bellomy)’s real parents. Sieg and his birth father, Mecca (Mecca) at the exclusive sneak peak of Episode 9 “Fair Fight?”Daniel Sunjata) —Also known as Dante — was revealed after a short encounter on the basketball court in Episode 7.

After understanding who Monet really is to him, feeling lost, Sieg asks Mecca for answers to all the turmoil that surrounds him. “She lied to my face throughout my life, it’s messed up, man,” he says in a clip. Thanks to Diana’s detective skills, Sieg knows he’s 23 instead of 19. This violates NCAA rules and can put the entire draft at risk. But Mecca has a plan for his sleeve that can help Sieg solve his problem and bring Monet back to his own corner.

Shocking cliffhanger from Death of Professor Milgram In the previous episode, many viewers remained at the edge of the seat. And the aftereffects surely repel Tariq’s plan to defeat his murder trial. Wherever he goes, Tariq’s past has been annoying him, so now everyone has a big question: will he be what his father expected of him? Hopefully the season finale, which airs on February 6th, will give us an answer.

Please see the teaser clip above prior to the premiere of Episode 9 on Sunday, January 30th.

View this exclusive clip from PowerBook II Episode 9

Source link View this exclusive clip from PowerBook II Episode 9

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