Virginia Republican Candidate Independence from Trump

Falls Church, Virginia. – If Glenn Youngkin was considering returning to the political center after winning the Republican nomination for Governor of Virginia, Donald Trump would make it a little harder by giving the candidate great support. Did.

“Glen is in favor of business, second amendment, veterans, and the United States. He knows how to make Virginia’s economy tumultuous. He has my full and complete support!” Mr. Trump said in a statement issued the day after the Republican Party declared Yongkin a winner at the May 8 nominations.

Virginia Republicans have chosen political newcomer Yongkin from more than six rivals. In doing so, they most clearly snubbed pro-Trump candidate Amanda Chase, State Senator. He gladly accepted Monica from “Heel Trump”.

Chase finished a distant third.

Former Virginia General Assembly member Tom Davis, now president of George Mason University, said Yonkin’s nomination showed that Virginia Republicans were more interested in election potential than loyalty to Trump. Said that.


“He didn’t throw Trump under the bus, but there were other candidates who ran a campaign focused solely on Trump, and they lost,” Davis said. “I think Yongkin is in a good position to be his man.”

Davis also pointed out that Winsome Sears was appointed Vice Governor and Jason Miyares was appointed Attorney General as evidence that the Republican Party was focused on winning in the fall.

“They have Basilionaires, black women, and Latino Americans running at the top of the ticket,” he said. “It’s also difficult to put it in the back room. This is a very powerful ticket and puts a lot of pressure on the Democratic Party.”

Larry Sabato, a professor of political science at the University of Virginia, admitted that Yongkin was not the most Trump candidate in the field, but Yongkin is still closely associated with the former president and is in the state. He said it was not feasible in the general election. Trump is moderate and very unpopular, losing 10 points last year. He described Republican candidates as “Trump-y, Trump, Trumpiest” and Yongkin as a “Trump-y” candidate.


Mr Sabbath said those familiar with Yongkin told him at the start of the campaign to expect Yongkin to position himself as a moderate.

“It didn’t happen,” Sabat said. … but now he is sticking to the position he has taken and the support he has received. “

Sabbath not only supports Trump’s death kiss in the general election, but Youngkin’s decision to campaign with Texas Senator Ted Cruz in the days leading up to the nominations is political. He said it was just as unattractive to the center. Mr Sabbath said the Democratic Party wouldn’t let it happen as long as Yongkin tried to escape to the center.

“Most people still don’t know who Yongkin is, can’t pronounce his name, and don’t know anything about him,” Sabbath said.

He hopes that a campaign for Terry McAuliffe, a leading candidate for the Democratic primary of five candidates, will take place next month, before Yonkin defines himself as Trump’s. Define as a loyalist.


Indeed, McCorriff’s campaign jumped in favor of Trump. There, Trump called him “Clinton’s Bagman” and didn’t disturb him to shoot McCorriff.

“Glen Yongkin spent spoiling his campaign everywhere in Donald Trump, and now Trump has returned his favor by sincerely supporting him,” McCorriff was issued after Trump’s support. Said in a statement.

Yongkin sought to address the criticism that he refused to justify Biden’s victory. His campaign circulated excerpts from an interview with Bloomberg Radio and asked if Biden’s victory was justified, Yongkin said, “Of course! He’s our president. He was at the White House last night. I went to bed. He addressed a joint session of Congress. He has signed a presidential order that I wish he hadn’t signed, so look forward to what we have to do. Recognize that is a lead. “

Yongkin was more cautious during Primary. He cited “election integrity” as the most important issue in the election campaign. This was seen by many as a nod to Trump supporters who mistakenly believed that the candidate had been fooled. In a March interview with The Associated Press, Yongkin compared Republican concerns about the 2020 elections with those raised by Hillary Clinton supporters after the slight defeat in 2016.


“This is an issue that has been raised by both parties for 10 years,” Youngkin said.

Regarding Trump’s support, Yongkin said he was “honored” to receive it.

Yongkin and Democratic candidates will face each other in the country’s only governor-elected open-seat race in November this year. Republicans haven’t won across Virginia since 2009, but GOPs usually work a few years after the Democratic president’s victory.

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Virginia Republican Candidate Independence from Trump

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