Vitamin D supplements may boost dairy cows’ immunity

Levels of several types of white blood cells before and after the birth of the calf in cows supplemented with different forms (calcifediol, CA; or choleciferol, CH) and levels (1 mg or 3 mg) of vitamin D. Credit: A. Vieira- Neto, MB Poindexter, M. NehmeMarinho, R. Zimpel, A. Husnain, ACM Silva, JG Prim, CD Nelson, and JEP Santos

Vitamin D, known as an important component of the body’s ability to absorb and retain calcium, which is essential for processes such as healthy bone development and maintenance, has also been shown to play an important role in immune defense. increase.New study in the October issue of Journal of Dairy Science Investigate the effects of various sources and amounts of vitamin D in dairy cows and reveal promising potential for improved health and well-being.

This study by scientists at the University of Florida Gainesville focuses on pregnancy Dairy cowAs pregnancy and lactation increase calcium demand, it can affect the dam’s calcium storage, and such dynamic changes occur when cattle are most susceptible to disease. So it’s not surprising that vitamin D can be of particular importance at this time. “Vitamin D status can contribute to the ability of the immune response to provide resistance to bacterial infections,” said senior author Dr. Josee Duardo P. Santos.

of Dairy products Cows, like humans, can be produced by the body when the skin is exposed to sunlight or absorbed from a dietary source. Researchers in this study found two different forms of vitamin D, choleciferol, which are 1 or 3 milligrams more than the amount provided in a standard dairy diet containing 0.02 mg of choleciferol per kilogram of dry matter. Or I looked up dietary supplements for calcidiol. Cholecalciferol is a form of vitamin D that is normally supplemented in the bovine diet, while Santos is a lesser-used form of calciferdiol, which is one step ahead in the activation of vitamin D. He states that it has the potential benefit of reducing daily diets and maintaining proper health.

With repeated blood draws, the team will be able to collect circulating levels of vitamin D metabolites, minerals, metabolites in the blood, and White blood cellsIt is essential to the body’s ability to respond to infections such as bacterial invaders, which often cause diseases of the uterus and mammary glands of cattle. The team also extracted DNA from white blood cells to quantify the expression of several genes related to immune function.

Researchers found that vitamin D-supplemented cows in the form of calciferdiol produced proteins required for cell adhesion and migration, cell-cell communication, pathogen recognition, and pathogen killing compared to cows treated with choleciferol. We found that the expression of the encoding gene was increased. Such changes may increase the ability of the innate immune system to prevent infection in the early stages of lactation.

Santos and his colleagues said, “The changes observed in this experiment are not definitive. vitamin More than the amount needed to prevent perceived deficiency, especially with calcifediol supplementation, D may play a role in supporting the innate immune defense of dairy cows. “

Previous studies by these researchers have shown that calcifediol may affect the risk of early lactation disease, but larger experiments have been conducted to confirm their results. Is required. Although further research is needed, the results published in this treaty reduce dairy cow disease during the dangerous period before and after the birth of calves, have a positive effect on cattle welfare, and bring economic benefits to farmers. It suggests the possibility of another dietary intervention.

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Vitamin D supplements may boost dairy cows’ immunity

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