Vivica A. Fox says Regina King is “surrounded by love” following her son’s suicide (video)

On Monday, veteran actress and talk show host Bibika A. Fox shared a message from Regina King. Death of her son Ian Alexander Junior

During Fox Soul Cocktail with the queenBibika became very emotional by expressing her thoughts surrounding the great loss of her friend. Bibika also continued to share details from her visit with Regina.

“I was with Regina last night, and she’s okay,” Bibika said. “I was able to hug her … I just had to go see my friend, my sister. On the way there, I had to call people and ask. I’m scared. I don’t want to say anything wrong. “

Bibika also shared a message from Regina herself, stating that Regina was “strong” during this time.

“She told everyone she received her text. An overflow of love for her, her family, her son, and she is grateful for it,” Bibika said. “She is surrounded by a lot of love. It was great. Our community was there for her when I got there. African American actresses, actors and talents. I don’t think I’ve ever thought that they support each other and love each other, but I saw it last night. “

Bibika took the time to empathize with the viewer and talk about helping those in need.

“I pray for our sons, for our children, and above all, what we are doing. COVID and everything captures everyone in the dark, in the dark. If you see any signs, or someone is suffering, or someone has contacted you and you haven’t had a good day, stop and make sure it’s okay. ” She said.

Bibika continued. “If you see someone suffering, check them out.’Check the day. We have people every day — I’ve never thought about suicide in our community I’ve never thought about how many people are taking my life that I don’t want to be here … but it’s amazing to me. It really was. And I want to be stronger. I’ve been trying, “Oh girl, don’t shed tears today.” But my tears are knowing that my friends are okay. She really is. We will overcome this, but we must definitely start raising awareness of mental illness. “

Continue the prayer of Regina King and his family.

Vivica A. Fox says Regina King is “surrounded by love” following her son’s suicide (video)

Source link Vivica A. Fox says Regina King is “surrounded by love” following her son’s suicide (video)

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