Volcano erupts in Spain’s Canary Islands

Evacuation began after the eruption of Mount Kumbrevieha in the Canary Islands.

According to officials, Kumbrevieha volcano erupted in the Canary Islands of Spain on Sunday, causing lava, ash and huge smoke to erupt a few days after seismic activity intensified, causing the evacuation of nearby residents.

The last eruption of Kumbrevieha 50 years ago straddles the southern ridge of La Palma, which is home to about 80,000 people.

“NS eruption It started in the Cabesa de Baka zone in El Paso, “the local government added in a Twitter account that the evacuation began in the nearest area. Volcano..

“People are being asked to be very careful and stay away from eruption zones to avoid unnecessary risks,” the government added.

Angel Victor Torres, head of the Canary Islands region, said the zone was forested and “sparsely populated.”

National television broadcast the eruption live in the late afternoon.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has announced that he will head to the scene “to follow progress” later on Sunday.

“Given the situation on La Palma, the head of government has postponed the scheduled departure to New York today,” he said in order to attend the UN General Assembly.

“All services are prepared to work in a coordinated way,” Sanchez wrote on Twitter.

The Interior Ministry said 200 members of the security force had been mobilized by helicopter as a backup.

Spain: Volcanic eruption of the Canary Islands

A map showing the location of a volcanic eruption in the Canary Islands of La Palma on Sunday.

Thousands of shivering

Experts watched the volcano carefully after observing the volcano’s surge. Seismic activity And the displacement of the magma.

According to the Involcan Volcanology Institute, the earthquake swarm under Lakunbreviheha began a week ago and has had thousands of tremors since then, with a magnitude of nearly four and the strongest.

Earthquake swarms are a series of seismic events that occur in one place in a relatively short period of time.

Authorities raised alert levels from green to yellow in certain areas around the volcano on Tuesday. This means that civil protection authorities need to notify the public that they will “take precautionary measures prior to the possibility of a volcanic eruption.” Emergency planning.

Involcan reported “significant ground deformation” as a result of “small amounts” of new magma flowing into reservoirs beneath the volcano. This has reached 11 million cubic meters.

A ridge-straddling volcano south of La Palma erupted twice in the 20th century, first in 1949 and then aga.

The volcano, which straddles the southern ridge of La Palma, erupted twice in the 20th century, first in 1949 and then again in 1971.

“Undoubtedly, the current earthquake swarm represents a significant change in the activity of the Kumbrevieha volcano and is associated with the process of magma intrusion beneath La Palma,” he said.

Canary Islands, 7 archipelago Islands The last volcanic eruption was recorded off the coast of El Hierro in 2011, off northwestern Africa.

Cumbrevieja erupted twice in the 20th century, 1971 and 1949.

The threat of a volcanic eruption warns Spanish islands

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Volcano erupts in Spain’s Canary Islands

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