Voting group sues Florida State Capitol map

Voting group sued Florida Passes a Republican-controlled parliamentary map created by Governor Ron DeSantis on Friday LegislatureSaid it would reduce the state’s black representatives and benefit Republicans.

Florida parliamentarians map as part of a controversial three-day special legislative meeting on Thursday, with black and Democratic representatives sitting on the house floor, praying and singing “We Shall Overcome” in protest. Approved.

The map is waiting for DeSantis to sign.

The Florida Women’s Voter Federation, the Institute for Black Voter Issues and Ability Building, and the Equal Ground Education Fund have filed proceedings in state court. Tallahassee.. The case alleges that the new map violates the Florida Constitution’s provisions that prohibit districts from diluting minority voting rights and being drawn in to benefit a political party.

“The league and other plaintiffs have chosen not to wait while the state legislature colluding with the fraudulent governor is ridiculing the Florida Constitution and trying to silence the votes and voices of hundreds of thousands of black voters. “The Florida Women’s Voter Federation said in a statement.

The proceedings have appointed Secretary of State Laurel M. Lee, Attorney General Ashley Moody, Republican House of Representatives and Senate leaders as defendants. Their office did not immediately return an email asking for comment.

DeSantis took the unusual step of rejecting the map created by Congress earlier this year and proposing his own map, calling the legislator back to a special session and approving it.Democrats say maps strongly support GOP Then dismantle the two traditional black districts.

The Governor’s Office has created a map that describes race and party affiliation as neutral and that it complies with both the State and Federal Constitutions. But even supporters admit that it can cause legal problems.

The Florida Parliamentary delegation currently has 16 Republicans and 11 Democrats, and the state is ready to win one US House of Commons seat based on the results of the 2020 US Census. Many political observers say the DeSantis map could give Republicans a 20-8 advantage, although the vast number of nonpartisan voters in Florida can influence the election. These benefits will be useful if DeSantis runs for and wins the White House in 2024.

Of the 14.3 million registered voters in Florida, about 36% are Republicans, 35% are Democrats, and the overwhelming majority are not in political parties.

Voting group sues Florida State Capitol map

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