Wagering 101: How to Bet on Horse Racing 2021

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Horse racing is known for being a highly unpredictable sport. But the trick is to look for the horse that gives the most value, not the one that is most likely to win. To find value, you must first understand your options and conduct analysis. The more research you do, the more info on racing odds you will learn.

Different Types of Horse Bets

When placing a bet, there are multiple betting types to choose from. We have come up with a list of some of the most popular types of bets, ranging from basics to multiples.

Basic Bets

Horse bets come in a variety of forms, but the three most common are win, spot, and show:

  • You choose the winning horse in a win bet. Since it’s more difficult to get right, it’ll make you the most money.
  • A place bet requires the horse to finish first or second. The profit potential is still good, but not as big as it would be if you placed a winning bet.
  • Finally, a show bet is made when the horse places first, second, or third. This choice will earn you the least money, but it is the safest.

Advanced Bets

There are also more horse variety bets available. One is an exact bet, which allows you to correctly select the first and second-place horses.

To make it more difficult, try the trifecta bet, which entails picking the exact order in which the top three horses finish. If you’re feeling extra optimistic, go for the superfecta, which consists of the top four horses finishing in the exact order.

These bets are paid out using a pari-mutuel scheme, which collects all of the money for a certain form of bet into a pool and then divides it among the winners.

Multi-Race Bets

If you’re feeling extra lucky, you can raise the stakes with multi-race bets. These require you to predict the winner of several races in a row. That doesn’t mean you have to pick only one horse to win each race, and feel free to pick several horses to win as this will just increase the cost of your bet.

Keep in mind that you’ll lose your bet if even one horse fails. These are extremely difficult bets to win, but that is part of what makes them so entertaining.

How Can You Win at Horse Racing?

Picking a winner can be difficult, but here are the factors that will help you narrow the field down to just one standout runner.

Don’t Just Put Your Money on the Favorite

It’s important to remember that the favorites don’t always prevail in horse racing if you want to better your sports betting performance. However, by taking some time to plan and with so many races to choose from each day, there is always a chance to profit.

Get To Know Your Horses

Everyone seems to have a different opinion on what factors are the most important in getting to know their horses.

Easy Last Time Out Winners

Horses can sometimes bring together winning streaks of two or three races in a row. It’s always a good idea to start by searching for easy last-time out winners who seem to have a chance to win again.

Good Rating Figures

If you can find a horse that ran a personal best in its most recent race, you could have a winner on your hands.

Race Comments

This information can be extremely useful. If you check online for horses that have been claimed to have ‘run on well’ or ‘quickened,’ you’ll find a filly or colt in excellent condition.

Change in Class

Trainers will enter poor horses in ‘higher’ class races in the hopes of a miracle. So, if you’re considering a runner with a strong recent record, look at the competition. Similarly, if a horse has lost a class, it might be worth investigating.

The Company

The other horses in the race would have an impact on how it is run and how well your entrant performs. If there are a few ‘front runners’ who like to get a head start, an outsider’s chances of staying on the pace are low.

Bouncing Back

It’s much easier to concentrate on horses that performed very well and ran well the prior time and could rise again than on horses that might have suffered another bad performance, regardless of what happens to the track or how they were feeling after they are given a rest.

Get to Know Your Trainers

The trainer is just as essential as you are in horse-betting. Some will be better at training runners for specific events. A novice has a greater likelihood of entering a race with multiple entries, while an advanced trainer will only enter one.

To Conclude

It’s understandable that as a beginner, you’ll learn many new things and make a lot of mistakes. However, it is critical to learn from those mistakes as soon as possible, as repeating them can be costly.

If your current strategy isn’t working, switch it up and try something new. As previously stated, becoming an expert in horse betting takes time. It would take more than one article to cover all of the finer points of the sport. However, if you stick to the basics in this guide, you’ll be fine while learning and improving your horse betting skills.

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