WandaVision: 12 Best “Agatha All Along” TikToks

WandavisionEpisode 7 was strange. It’s unclear what the next episode will be until the power of the second captain is unleashed and the twins go missing. But the real revelation came at the end of the discovery that Agnes was actually Agatha Harkness all the time. Not only did she seem to be behind most of the events in West View, but she enjoyed the amazing intro along with it, so Tik Tok noticed it.

Of course, so many at TikTok decide that “Agatha All Along” is now the soundtrack to their lives, with costumes, existential crises, and some pretty good dance moves. It didn’t take long. Oh, and if you’re wondering why “Agatha All Along” is so stupid, it’s because it was written by Tony and Oscar-winning duos Kristen Anderson Lopez and Robert Lopez. Frozen And Here.. Below are 12 types of “choreographed” TikToks. Wandavision This year’s bop.

WandaVision: 12 Best “Agatha All Along” TikToks

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