Wandavision Finale surprises some viewers and disappoints others

Wandavision starring Elizabeth Olsen Debuted at Disney Plus, taking viewers on a world journey created by Wanda Maximoff after losing all their loved ones and succumbing to the lifelong sadness she had to face. I went there. The show far exceeded the expectations of many throughout the season, and it was impossible for the finale of the series to satisfy everyone.

WandaVision has reunited Wanda and Vision in a world created by a witch who pays homage to many of Wanda’s lifelong shows. She also welcomed the twin set. From I Love Lucy to The Brady Bunch to the office, we’ve touched on all the major eras of television.

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Unfortunately, the avenger turned out to have put the entire town under her spell. She faced SWORD and the witch who was pulling all the strings, eventually returning everything to normal and losing her lover and children.

The show was aimed at setting the beginning of the next Marvel phase starting with Doctor Strange 2. This worked very well.

Some thought the finale would provide everything they needed, but others weren’t happy with it.

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Unlike most people thought, Evan Peters’ guest spot was exactly that — guest spot. In addition, the last episode did not introduce any new major characters.

The director of WandaVision had already expected this reaction.

“I know there are so many theories out there. There will definitely be a lot of people who are disappointed in one theory and another. But we always see Wanda deal with sorrow and that It tells this story about learning how to accept loss, and hopefully the finale is not only amazing but satisfying, and it feels inevitable because it’s the same story they were watching. “Well, forever,” Matt Shakman explained to Entertainment Weekly.


Are you satisfied with the end of WandaVision?

Wandavision Finale surprises some viewers and disappoints others

Source link Wandavision Finale surprises some viewers and disappoints others

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