Watch Becky G’s “Bella Ciao” remix music video

Becky G’s “Bella Ciao” version adds a whole new spin to Netflix’s music core Money Heist.. singer We released a new cover of the iconic song on December 1st, with a music video suitable for the Spanish crime series. As a homage to the hit show, you can see Becky G leaning forward with his friends and discussing spoilers before traveling to the world of spoilers. Money Heist.. And it wouldn’t be complete without the signature red jumpsuit and Salvador Dali’s mask to bring it all together.

NS Last 5 episodes of Money Heist The series will end with a hit on Netflix on December 3rd.The last part of the series Deadly Cliffhanger with TokyoOf course, fans want to know what other shocking events will take place before the show says goodbye to us. If you can’t wait until Friday, Money Heist Fill in with Becky G’s new music video above.

Watch Becky G’s “Bella Ciao” remix music video

Source link Watch Becky G’s “Bella Ciao” remix music video

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