Watch Dua Lipa in Pop Smoke’s 18th Century “Attitude” Video

Pop icon Dua Lipa Is back in a new video Pop smokeThe posthumous track “Demeanor” is featured by the singer.After watching the video completely (of course, at least three times to absorb everything), we can’t help but think it shouts one thing: Serious Bridgerton atmosphere. The video begins with a fascinating lipa shot that can only be described as an 18th century goddess.She is wearing makeup in a fashionable mirror and at first glance Latest Regency core trends.. The video continues to Lipa while she drinks the night with a gorgeous ball and dances with lots of guests while Pop Smoke is becoming more and more realistic with giant paintings.

When it comes to fashion and sets, I saw each and every one at a banquet wearing decorated costumes and hairstyles and was generous with the details. Maybe it was because I had five versions of myself sitting at the banquet table, but we have to admit that our eyes were looking closely at the ball lipa. One thing is certain, this is the wildest looking renaissance collection we have ever seen. And we definitely want an invitation.

Watch the “Demeanor” video above completely to see how many times it takes to count the number of repasses sitting around the table (a sentence we didn’t expect to say).

Watch Dua Lipa in Pop Smoke’s 18th Century “Attitude” Video

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