Watch Flossybaby’s Best Story Time Video on TikTok

Irony is a language of love that not everyone can understand, but Juliana “Jay” Oralei, also known as @flossybabyCook it beautifully with a hilarious TikTok skit that makes me feel like I clicked on a woman Saturday night live spin off. 22-year-old Oralei is best known for his sketch comedy and storytime videos. Her sense of humor ranges from a goofy one-liner to a snappy soliloquy with multiple characters and a skit (everything is played uniquely).

TikTok star favorite place Caitlin Riley makes us laugh with their spot-on impression And like an animator Audrey Hopkins makes us smile with their artMost of Olallie’s success lies in her diversity and unpredictability. “Many people say my videos are really random, but that’s intentional on my part, because I didn’t want to have a niche when I first started publishing content.” She told POPSUGAR. “I think that’s what they really like on my page. You can watch the video literally anything. There’s no particular kind of content I do, but it’s still a lot of fun.”

About making her viral TikTok video

Olallie’s humor personal brand is Cheeky inner dialogue NS Cruel and honest to take over her daily life Is related to A moment of distrust with her dog, Dior.. Some of her most popular videos include her “Fast Food Mansion” series, which gives her over-the-top personalities like McDonald’s and Burger King inspired by reality TV shows, and her “Gen Z.” As …. “series is included. She teases the stereotype that her generation is too loose or overly dramatic. “I’m easily inspired,” she said, explaining that most of her videos are spontaneous. “When I see something, the whole skit is played in my head. If I have time at that moment, I bring it to life and record it on the spot. If so, you can’t really record. Write to the Notes app and flesh out when you have time. “

As a content creator, she has attracted more than 3.7 million followers and more recently. TikTok 2021 Discover List.. Prior to joining the app, Olaleye was a college student majoring in psychology and minoring in forensic medicine. But what started out as a joke, downloading TikTok over a year ago, turned her into a full-time TikToker, prompting her to travel 1,400 miles from Texas to LA, where she was another influencer. We regularly network with influencers and creators.

Image source: Jay Oralei

About her passion for acting

But Olallie’s success as a comedian is not a big surprise given that she grew up acting early in elementary school and performed outstanding performances that impressed her friends and teachers very much. .. “I feel like everyone knows [I was funny] “Before I do it,” she said. [laughing] And I think, “Oh, I’m really good at this.” “

Influenced by shows like It’s Raven When office, She brought her talent to college, where her skills caught the attention of the professor who suggested she pursued professional acting. “Rather than ringing your own horn [one show] At the end, the professor took me aside, and he said, “Hey, you really should think about acting. And before the end of the semester, some more shows will be held. I think we should audition, “she said.

Cheerful, motivational and thought-provoking Oralei videos are hit every time, but her true passion is to establish her reputation as a professional actor. “I feel like it really works on the screen,” she said. “Many people love the comedy they see on TikTok, but I have more and need to see it in real time.” She has already appeared in one commercial, but Oralei is higher. I want to pursue acting at the level, and I want to land a role that can lead my other side as an actor beyond the realm of comedy.

About how her fans inspired her to chase her dreams

Yes, Olaleye has the confidence to make people laugh, comedy timing, and natural talent to thank many of TikTok’s successes, but thank his followers who were very supportive from the beginning. Also points out. “A year ago, when I first started, some people commented,’This girl will be really big. I think you have a lot of potential.'” She said. “I’m really emotional because sometimes others can understand it faster than you, so take TikTok more seriously and fuel it to continue posting. I already feel my potential, so what if I continue to grow my platform? “

“You need to enjoy it, be yourself, and know that it works. Everything will work.”

Being an online star can sometimes be overwhelming, but Olaleye sees her career at TikTok as a positive experience for the success she wants to achieve in the future. “When I started to become viral, I was a little worried. I was like,” What do people think of me? Will they make fun of me? ” — The fear that most people have, ”she said. “At some point, I wanted to stop TikTok because everything I post would be viral and a little scary. My face is everywhere on the internet, but I enjoy TikTok and know myself. I think we need to keep it. If it works. Everything will work. “

Today, Olaleye is grateful for everything her experience as TikToker has provided to her and looks forward to working on larger projects in the future. In the meantime, check out some of @ flossybaby’s best TikTok videos.

Watch Flossybaby’s Best Story Time Video on TikTok

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