Watch Jack Harlow’s “Nail Technician” video

Jack Harlow Is back with new music, and his first solo release this year is almost disappointing. Louisville rappers released their new single “Nail Tech” on February 18th. City girlsYoung Miami and rapper C-Tez. Visually, Harlow spends a very busy day, from taking Miami on a trip to a nail salon to a boss in a conference room to a motivational speaker.

Harlow hasn’t dropped a solo track since his debut album “That’s What they All Say” was released in December 2020. But since then, he has been able to jump on collaboration tracks such as: Lil Nas X’s “Industry Baby” And Phousi Sty’s “SUV”.Harlow I made fun of the promotional clip Prior to the release of Nail Tech, we are considering whether to release a new single on social media.He also Release cover art When Simple clip Featuring Miami from a music video. See the “nail technician” visual above.

Watch Jack Harlow’s “Nail Technician” video

Source link Watch Jack Harlow’s “Nail Technician” video

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