Watch out for Lizzo’s Big Grrrls trailer, premiere date

I was waiting for this!In her trailer Prime video series “Watch out for the big Grrrls” Lizzo is looking for a new backup dancer to reflect Body in all different sizes and backgrounds Take her next world tour. “A girl who looks like me can’t get a representative,” she says in a trailer. “It’s time to pull up her sleeves and find yourself. We’re chic and we know pretty well what we’re doing. It’s a big girl fight.”

In a typical reality show fashion, in an eight-episode series, a competitor cheers for a variety of dance challenges, including a cheerleader contest, with a “Good as Hell” singer taking favorite notes from bystanders. Will fight. “It’s coming soon,” says Lizzo. In a February 17th tweet sharing the trailer, Rizzo wrote:

“It’s hard to love yourself in a world where you don’t love you.”

Not only do you find Lizzo’s most “confident and terrible” backup dancers, but the show Celebration of self-love It emphasizes the lack of Female expression of color A curvy woman in the dance scene. “It’s hard to love yourself in a world that doesn’t love you,” Reso told the cast in tears, “you were specially created with your image for you to enjoy,” she added. When the cameras switch to athletes, they add, “You don’t have to be thin, you don’t have to be thin. You’re just as beautiful as you are now.”

Find out more about Lizzo’s “Watch Out For the Big Grrrls” series below. You can also get a glimpse of the drama in the trailer above. Impressive choreographyAnd stylish costumes in the store.

Who is in the cast of “Watch out for the big Grrrls”?

“Watch Out For the Big Grrrls”, sponsored and executive produced by Lizzo, features talented curvy dancers with varying levels of dance experience. “I’m always skeptical of myself, and it feels detrimental to the way I approach dance,” says one athlete. “I know it’s a spot on that stage.”

Prime Video hasn’t announced the names of the cast members yet, but the series includes guests such as legendary choreographer Tanisha Scott, big girls graduates Chaunta Marivan, Siren Quigley, and Grace Holden. The judges will appear. Additional guest judges include SZA, choreographer Charm Radonna, and movement expert Rashida Khanbay Miller.

When is the premiere of Lizzo’s “Watch out for Big Grrrls”?

Lizzo’s “Watch Out For the Big Grrrls” will be released on Amazon Prime in the United States on Friday, March 25th. It will be available elsewhere from May 2022.

Watch out for Lizzo’s Big Grrrls trailer, premiere date

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