Watch squid game cast play Netflix Bingo

It’s official: we can’t stop watching Squid game.. It’s just as interesting to see the cast guessing each other’s favorite Netflix movies and shows, as much as we’re obsessed with digging into the details of Korean thrillers. In a recent Netflix video, Squid game Cast members Jeong Ho Young (Sebyuk), Lee Jung Jae (Song Ki Hoon), Wi Ha Jun (Jun Ho), Park Hye Soo (Cho Sang Woo) gathered to talk about their favorite Netflix originals, all classic Bingo While playing the game. Money Heist, Marriage Story, Rome, Highwaymen, When Blackpink: Light Up The World These are just a few of the titles discussed among the actors. For your reference, Hoyoung came in first, Squid game, All participants brought it to life. Huh.

When asked for an explanation Squid game In a nutshell, Hess said, “It’s the power of drama. I think it’s indispensable.” “In contrast to people’s lives, this environment is adorable,” Hoyoung added.So far, still unknown Season 2 Squid game Is in the works, but when he first saw the 9-episode series, Hajun promised that “as the episode progresses, the twists and turns will become more intense.”look Squid game The cast gives the full commentary above.

Watch squid game cast play Netflix Bingo

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