Watch the music video for Road’s “Solar Power”

To the pop-less face of our dreams, like the literal sunshine shining through the clouds of 2021 Road We’re back with all the glory of her hypnosis. It’s been four years since its launch. Melodrama, The singer of “Green Light” released the first single off “Solar Power”. Her next third album It conveys the electronic pulse of “tennis court” with musical energy that matches the new upbeat lyrics. “High-colored cheeks, overripe peaches / no shirts or shoes, just facial features,” she sings.

Give us Mamma Mia! In a beach atmosphere, the music video is a summer solstice celebration, with the road jumping over the beach in a bright yellow two-piece like the cool sister of The Little Mermaid, and the other members of the relaxed island crew swaying in the breeze. It shows the situation. At some point, fellow beachers on the road lifted her onto a wooden platform swaying in the waves and drifted to the rhythm of the ocean. Full of joy and soothing energy to book a tropical vacation, Solar Power is a comeback on the road that is naturally calm and mellow. Watch the entire video above.

Watch the music video for Road’s “Solar Power”

Source link Watch the music video for Road’s “Solar Power”

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