Watch the trailer for Agam Darshi’s movie Donkey Head

As South Asian A person who grew up just a little Accurate expression The Western film and television industry was very excited to discover a brand new Netflix film. Donkey head.. The comedy focuses not only on South Asian families, but also on Sikh families who navigate the dynamics of their relationships while dealing with the deaths of their loved ones. Written and directed by Agam Darshi, the film follows a family gathered to take care of their sick father after he suffered a major stroke. Darsi starred in the film as Mona, a failed writer who dedicated her life to her father, and as a result she has no life of her own.

Movie title, Donkey headIs based on the words of affection commonly used by Punjabi parents when talking to their children, and the trailer makes it clear that this is not a stereotypical depiction of a South Asian family.Besides features Judgment aunt — What many of us are familiar with — This movie seems to explore the themes of independence, guilt, and cultural expectations in a way I’ve never spoken before.

Along with Darushi, Donkey head There is a pretty remarkable (and pretty familiar) cast Anarchy’s sonKim Coates, Arrow Star Stephen Robo, Schitt’s Creek Star Fuse Madhabji, Marvin Ishmael Degrassi: Next Generation.. Donkey head It was premiered worldwide at the Mosaic International South Asian Film Festival in Toronto and won four awards, including Best Fiction and Best Canadian Features.

Donkey head You can now stream on Netflix.

Image source: YouTube user Agam Darshi

Watch the trailer for Agam Darshi’s movie Donkey Head

Source link Watch the trailer for Agam Darshi’s movie Donkey Head

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