Watch the trailer for Tall Girl 2

Netflix is ​​following up Tall girl In a sequel movie that transcends the reality of “Tall Girl” in high school. Tall Girl 2The trailer arrived from Streamer on January 19th. This time, Jody (Ava Michelle) wrestles with a confident and popular girl who has a boyfriend and her protagonist, without being known as the tallest girl in school. School spring musical. But as her popularity grows, so does the pressure and test on her relationship.

“You finally got your dream,” Jody tells herself in a trailer. “Do you think you can really pull this off?” In the first movie, Jody was her sister of the Queen of Beauty, Harper (Sabrina Carpenter). But now, while Jody is supporting herself to deal with a whole new set of problems, she struggles to silence the inner voice that plagues her about all her “worst fears and anxieties.” doing. Tall Girl 2 It will premiere on Netflix on February 11th. See the movie trailer above.

Watch the trailer for Tall Girl 2

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