Watch Thomas Winterberg’s speech at the 2021 Oscar

Writer and director Thomas Vinterberg took the stage on Sunday night and accepted Oscar for Best International Feature Film. Another round, And his speech soon became one of the most moving moments of the night. In his speech, Winterberg thanked the artists he worked with in this and other films and dedicated the victory and the entire film to the memory of his late daughter, Aida.

Winterberg has been a staple in the international filmmaking world since the mid-1990s. Over the past few decades, he has written and directed a wide variety of films in both his native Denmark and an English-speaking audience, competing for awards at major film festivals such as the Cannes and Berlin International Film Festivals.

In 2019, Winterberg suffered an indescribable tragedy in his acceptance speech. While driving in Belgium, Winterberg’s daughter Aida, then 19 years old, and her mother, Winterberg’s ex-wife Maria Wolbomb, were hit by a distracted driver and had an accident. Walbom survived, but Ida did not.

“My life was destroyed,” Winterberg said. IndieWire.. “We were very intimate. She always told me the honest truth … it didn’t make sense to continue. [with the movie]But it didn’t make sense not to continue.she is Hate It. So we decided to make a movie for her. That was the only way we could do this. .. .. She is everywhere in this movie for me. She is every minute. “

The English audience is probably most familiar with Winterberg’s work from the 2015 historical drama. Far from the madingou crowd, Starring Carey Mulligan. Winterberg, along with Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier, focused on simplifying filmmaking, avoiding special effects and other expensive production moves, and returning to the artist’s focus on Dogme 95. Famous for developing filmmaking styles. From the studio. Another round Marks his first Oscar award, but not his first nomination: his 2012 film hunting He was also nominated for Best International Feature Film, the same award he finally won this year.

Watch Thomas Winterberg’s speech at the 2021 Oscar

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