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Get another terrifying preparation Horror flick from A24.. On February 9, the company released the first teaser for the next movie, “Men,” starring Oscar candidate Jessie Buckley. In a chilling trailer, Buckley plays Harper. Harper recovers from his personal tragedy and retreats to the English countryside in hopes of finding a place to heal.But instead, she is someone (or maybe Something) It’s stalking her from a distance.

A24 Learn about Harper’s dilemma As “the horror of boiling” in an enthusiastic movie [that] Surprise her with her “darkest memories and horrors” and become a fully formed nightmare. The teaser clip doesn’t reveal much else about what Buckley’s character encounters, but the ghostly figures that follow her everywhere reveal a horrifying mystery. The full trailer will drop.

News of Buckley’s latest role comes after her Oscar nomination Received the Best Actress Award for a supporting role in “The Lost Daughter”. In “Men” she starred with Rory Kinnear and Papa Essiedu. The next Alex Garland director’s horror movie will be released on May 20th. First, see the trailer for A24’s “Men”.

Watch trailer for A24 men

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