Water problems continue in the Fort Myers community

Fort myers

Neighbors are tired of paying big for worsening water problems.

People in the Fort Myers McGregor Reserve community still live in brown or rusty tap water. Some say they are tired of paying for brown water.

The city has now provided homeowners with short-term solutions, such as filters, while utilities are working on permanent amendments. Some filters are overdrive. And neighbors say it doesn’t take long for it to look like this.

Tamia Damson, a resident of the McGregor Reserve, said, “We bought here because it seemed like the perfect neighbor to grow a perfect home, a perfect neighborhood, and a family.” ..

But when Adamson didn’t know when he moved, it was far from perfect water. Adamson says she had repeated water problems over and over for five to six years.

She is not alone. Some, but not all, homeowners in this neighborhood deal with the same brown water flowing through the pipes. The city offered to install the filter for free.

The filter is not perfect proof, so Adamson decided to move.

Five months is still a long time to wait for acceptable drinking water. But the city told me that everyone in trouble wants to talk to them about it.

click here To go to the portal where you can report water issues.

Water problems continue in the Fort Myers community

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