Water’s Soul: Dedication, Grand Opening of 80-foot Sculpture by Jaumeprensa in Jersey City

Jersey City, NJ (WABC)-On Thursday, Jersey City will host the dedication and grand opening of Waters Soul, an 80-foot-high sculpture by artist Jaumeprensa, adjacent to the Hudson River.

Overlooking Hudson, directly across from Lower Manhattan, Waters Soul depicts the gentle face of a young subject holding a finger on her lips in a quiet pondering state.

The sculptural portrait, although monumental in scale, is a humble gesture to be quiet and beckons towards empathic introspection.

“Water is a great metaphor for humanity,” said Plensa. “A drop of water is like a human being, but many drops come together to create a tsunami, forming huge rivers and oceans. When individuals get together to exchange ideas and create a community. , You can make something incredibly powerful. “

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After the ceremony, the pier will be open to the public all year round. It is located in Newport, a multipurpose development facility in Jersey City.

The pier’s well-kept sidewalk is designed by Matthews Nielsen Landscape Architects and connects to Newport’s existing one-mile-long Hudson River Waterfront sidewalk.

“We hope Waters Soul will become an icon of Newport and a landmark that will visually connect to New York City across the Hudson River,” said Plensa. “Like Waters Soul acts to connect Jersey City and New York City, it reminds us that water is a wonderful public space that connects and embraces people around the world, not just the community.”

Le Frak and Simon, the chief developers of Newport, chose Plensa to create the site’s work, recognizing the artist’s ability to convey a message of hope for the future of humanity.

“In 30 years, Newport has blossomed into a vibrant and diverse community,” said Richard LeFrak, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the LeFrak organization. “We are proud to welcome Jaumeprensa’s breathtaking sculptures in this unique district that continues to establish Newport in the forming art scene in Jersey City.”

Born in Barcelona, ​​where he currently lives and works, Plensa is from New York, Calgary, Chicago, San Diego, Montreal, Los Angeles, London, Dubai, Bangkok, Shanghai and Tokyo.

Water’s Soul is the tallest public sculpture ever.

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“After an incredible generation of work, determination and investment, the region has truly transformed from a former barren land into a vibrant and prosperous community,” said David Simon, CEO and President of Simon. Says. “This magnificent Jaumeprensa sculpture is a phenomenal expression of the sense of cultural place that Newport embodies.”

For the past 35 years, Plensa has created multifaceted works, sculptures that tell the story of humanity’s abilities and beauty, and often united people through the revitalization of public spaces.

In Prensa’s work, traditional sculptural materials such as glass, steel and bronze mix with non-traditional media such as water, light and sound to create complex energies, psychological weights and symbolic abundance. I am creating a hybrid work.

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Water’s Soul: Dedication, Grand Opening of 80-foot Sculpture by Jaumeprensa in Jersey City

Source link Water’s Soul: Dedication, Grand Opening of 80-foot Sculpture by Jaumeprensa in Jersey City

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