“We can’t live in the world without Amazon”: Scientists

Amazon ecologist Erica Belenger measured the perimeter of a tree during a survey in the Tapahos National Forest in Brazil in 2019.

Erica Berengel, an Amazon ecologist at Oxford University and Lancaster University, is one of the most prominent scientists studying how the rainforest works when humans are out of balance. is.

AFP asked a 38-year-old Brazilian to analyze the latest research on Amazon and what it means for all of us.

There are many headlines about the destruction of the Amazon. What does science say?

“The results are really horrifying. They are in line with the discussion of” turning points “(rainforests disappear and carbon sinks turn into carbon sinks).

“According to one survey, it’s southeast of the Amazon. dry season, Temperatures have risen 2.5 degrees Celsius (for the last 40 years). It’s really apocalyptic.

“I don’t think even scholars were ready for that. The Paris deal is trying to limit the world to 1.5 degrees. Amazon’s 2.5 is huge.

“And in the northeastern Amazon, precipitation fell by 34% during the peak dry season (August-October).

“This means that if you have a hotter and drier climate, the fire will just escape more into the woods, so it goes into this. Feedback loop, This virtuous cycle of horror. “

Can you still save Amazon? What if I don’t?

“That’s a multi-million dollar question. You can’t know the turning point until you’re past it. That’s the definition of the turning point. But different parts of Amazon are accelerating towards it at different paces.

“Once we cross the turning point, it’s over, and I don’t say it lightly. We’re talking about the most biodiversity places on Earth that are collapsing.

“Millions of people are climate refugees. Rainfall patterns are collapsing across South America.

“Without rainfall, there is no hydropower, which means the collapse of Brazil’s industry, and thus one of the world’s largest economies and one of the world’s largest food suppliers.

“We cannot live in the world without Amazon.”

Your WhatsApp profile picture has the word “hope” written in large letters. What are your expectations for Amazon?

“Chocolate (laughs).

“But really, there is certainly hope for change. In my life, I saw deforestation reduced by more than 80% between 2004 and 2012. It wasn’t easy.

“You need coordination between some (governmental) agencies, but they did it. So why can’t we see it again?

“Globally, everyone in the world has some level of solution. Everyone needs to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. No one intends to go back to the cave, but we all We need to think deeply about what we can do for ourselves.

“We also need to look for transparency in Amazonian products. Know where gold comes from and where beef comes from.

“But most importantly, we need to insist on structural changes. We need to put pressure on governments and businesses to reduce emissions,” he said.

Amazon: Lost Paradise?

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“We can’t live in the world without Amazon”: Scientists

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