Welcome to the age of intelligent edge

By Keerti Melkote, President and Founder of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company Aruba

For the past decade, network technology has been dominated by two key trends: increasing demand for mobility and moving applications and data to the cloud. Taken together, the IT landscape has completely changed from the era of mobility to the era of the cloud. With this shift, we are ready for the next phase, Intelligent Edge adoption in 2021.

This year, IT teams will take the next step in this transformational journey to Intelligent Edge and begin creating the infrastructure they need. By doing so, you not only connect the components to the cloud, how Users and IoT devices are connected, including how data generated at the edge can be used to enhance new experiences and business outcomes.

Of course, IT teams are making these moves as the impact of COVID-19 continues to reverberate, requiring the key features provided by Intelligent Edge. This will enable organizations in all industries to provide more full support for remote workers and provide the functionality they need to enable secure returns. Enables workplace and business continuity initiatives.

Then, as we move into the post-pandemic world, Intelligent Edge, combined with a consumption model as a flexible service, provides the security, insight, and flexibility that organizations need to adapt and succeed. I will. It should be an incredibly dynamic business environment.

Specifically, there are customers who aim for flexibility. In addition to cognitive AI-based services, we are adopting networking as a service (NaaS) as we have more options for both on-premises and cloud-based IT delivery, including access to the latest hardware and software network components. .. Make the most of your data. All of this positions IT leaders in proactive and preemptive control of their networks, facilitating the successful implementation of automation and data analytics initiatives that ensure optimal performance and better results. And after all, this is the real impact of IT on the business.

The main areas where we expect significant progress towards next year are:

  • Companies in many industries are launching new IT platforms consisting of cloud-connected computing, storage, and networking, placing them right next to a new generation of intelligent edge devices. The earliest adoption takes place in manufacturing, processing, and distribution facilities. This new approach reduces downtime and increases productivity.
  • The amount and importance of data will increase. More companies are leveraging the power of data to drive innovation, improve business outcomes, and improve the employee and customer experience. Customer interactions are beginning to see the transformation that most of this data is generated outside the data center or the cloud.
  • Continuous innovation in the areas of automation and AI Ops has allowed organizations to increase their IT staff at the expense of spending a great deal of time detecting, diagnosing, and fixing problems that could adversely affect their networks. You can focus on level tasks. Business operations that depend on it. Being able to resolve issues faster, or anticipate issues and prevent them from occurring, helps improve the user and customer experience.
  • The network team will take responsibility for eliminating silos that separate servers, storage, virtualization, DevOps, SecOps, and AI Ops features. By removing these barriers, organizations can accelerate the achievement of their business goals and enable close collaboration to help overcome the unprecedented economic and resource headwinds caused by the global epidemic.

Although 2020 was a year of unprecedented challenge at many levels, the innovations seen in network technology over the last 12 months have provided us with some reassurance and some new ways of dealing with it. Pandemics have also put IT in the limelight as CEOs become aware of their importance in helping organizations overcome these challenges and provide a competitive advantage. .. These benefits can range from enabling the workforce, creating a happier and more productive workforce, to strengthening new business initiatives and products.

Entering 2021, we will continue to build on these innovations and leverage the many features and benefits of Intelligent Edge to find new ways to face and overcome new challenges in the future.

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Welcome to the age of intelligent edge

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