What activities can’t I miss on a winter trip to New York?

New York City is undoubtedly one of the most amazing cities to visit at any time of the year. But the winter season in particular turns the Big Apple into an unforgettable tourist destination which everyone should experience at least once in their lives.

Maybe it’s because hundreds of famous movies have been filmed here, set during the winter holidays between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Or maybe it’s because every yearthe entire city turns into a winter wonderland, with countless things to do and places to go, that there’s no better time of year to stroll around Manhattan.

If you are one of the lucky visitors which New York welcomes every winter, you’ll want to get the low-down on “must do” activities and places which you shouldn’t miss out on during your trip.

For example, did you know that the city boasts a world-famous New York food tour? This special guided tour of New York’s most hallowed neighborhoods promises to reveal all the secrets of the metropolis.

Sounds amazing, right? Imagine learning about the history of this unique city, while trying the most incredible food it has to offer. You don’t want to miss out on the classic components of New York gastronomy while staying in the city.

Now that you know about the New York food tour, get booking! It’s definitely one of the best things you can do while visiting the city during the winter season. After all, New Yorkis full of hidden treasures which you would probably miss if you were to strike out on your own, and in-the-know advice about the city’s best food and drink is worth its weight in gold.

The most wonderful time of the year

As we’ve seen, New York’s charmis at its peak during winter, with some incredible activities only available to enjoy during this time of the year. Although temperatures can dip below freezing, packing the right coat should be enough to let you face the city’s cold days and even colder nights.

Just walking around the city is an incredible adventure in itself, one which you should definitely experienceat some point in your life. Besides, New York is no ordinary city – it’s the place where everybody wants to be, particularly during its famous Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Taking in the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree or watching the famous Times Square ball drop are among the city’s most popular winter attractions, and many tourists come from all over the world to be a part of it along with the locals.

Meanwhile, Christmas holidays in New Yorkare synonymous with some of the most amazing winter markets in the world, where everyone wants to shop and buy their Christmas presents. Brooklyn Flea Market, the Union Square Holiday Market, and Columbus Circle Holiday Market are perfect destinations to pick up gifts and souvenirs for the holidays.

And speaking of shopping, at this time of the year you can experience a real trip to wonderland while walking down 5thAvenue and taking in the incredible windows displays in every store.Every year, leading New York-based brands design a special window display for everybody to enjoy while looking for the right gifts, or just for fun. They are definitely worth checking out!

Festivals and Parades

The city is less crowded during winter – another perk for travelers during this period – but several Festivals and parades take place nonetheless, with some popular cultural celebrations taking place exclusively during the winter months.

Chinatown has its unique Lunar New Year Parade and Festival, and of course the Saint Patrick’s Day parade turns the entire city green for a couple of hours every March.

New York in the winter is a truly magical place and, together with its inimitable holiday sales and lower travel rates, it’s easy to see why so many tourists choose to visit this incredible city during the coldest season.

Sopack your best coat, and enjoy everything which New YorkCity in winter has to offer!


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