What comes next in Brian Laundry’s death investigation


Now that the ruins of Brian Laundry have been discovered in the Carlton Reserve, what’s next?

The FBI confirmed the identity of the laundry through dental records. The coroner works to determine when and how he died. Further questions still remain: how long was the body there? What did Chris and Roberta Laundry know throughout last month?

The tragic story that began in Northport and spread across the country ended where it began. Northport’s neighbors can’t understand that Laundry found an item directly linked to his body on the first day he volunteered to help his son’s search.

Brian Laundry’s lawyer, Steve Bertolino, issued a statement to WINK News Thursday afternoon confirming that the remains belonged to Laundry.

“Chris and Roberta Laundry were informed that the remains found in the reserve yesterday certainly belonged to Brian,” Bertolino wrote. “There are no further comments at this time. Please respect the privacy of your laundry at this time.”

Chris Laundry was seen opening the door to his house when two Northport police officers entered to tell their parents that the body belonged to his son.

Richard Stafford, a lawyer for the Petito family, said the family had not yet made an interview or statement. Gabby’s family makes a statement at the right time and when they are emotionally ready. “

Gabby Petito’s great aunt Jill Hengel remains skeptical of the whole situation.

“When yesterday came, it really offended me, yes,” Hengel said. “Suddenly, within 24 hours of the general public returning, they found something like that. I’m sorry, I can’t believe it.”

It’s unclear what happened between Petito and Laundry in Utah and Wyoming because of Laundry’s death, whether he had ever been married or led to the murder of Gabby Petito.

“”[I’m] Not numb … but more angry, “Hengel said. “Because I didn’t have to do this. I didn’t have to do this. And I’m angry … I was very angry when I heard it on TV yesterday. I did. “

Many law enforcement agencies, including the Mobile Command Center, have already left the park on Thursday night, according to a report from My Oak Kahatchie Environmental Park, but that part of the park is not yet open to the public.

What comes next in Brian Laundry’s death investigation

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