What did you do to Miranda Hobbes, and just like that?

So to be honest, I wasn’t part of the original Sex and the City Fandom in the 90’s (mainly because the series came out a year after I was born).But even the most enthusiastic viewers of the show will probably agree And just like that Far from that method Predecessor Handle some of its beloved characters.

In episode 8 of the reboot, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) Finally face the truth about her relationship / relationship with Choi (Sara Ramirez) And decides to end her marriage with Steve (David Eigenberg). In the order of other events, extramarital cases would of course justify seeking a divorce.But in the case of Miranda, it seems very unbranded for her character to make such a major flight decision, given how much hell she gave Steve’s affair. Sex and the City: Movies..

“Every week I ask myself. What happened to this woman?”

Proposing a divorce from her husband is just one of many suspicious choices made by Miranda. And just like that So far.At the beginning of the series, her nasty, verbal vomiting moments with her professor Nya Wallace (Karen Pittman) filled her like some. Ignorant white woman She decided to prove that she was not a racist after 2020. Then she allows her horny teenage son Brady (Neil Cunningham) to have a girlfriend who basically lives-he forgives it unpleasantly in the house -And I barely look at them. And don’t let me start her (loud) sexual encounter with Choi in the middle of Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) The kitchen, just a few feet away from the bedroom (where Carrie was awake and listening). All these transcendental decisions from Miranda make her character barely recognizable in the reboot series. And every week I ask myself: what happened to this woman?

When I finally came back and watched Binji Sex and the CityMiranda, I knew, was a powerful, nonsense lawyer who didn’t bite her tongue for anyone. Hell, she didn’t even hesitate to stop practicing corporate law after 30 years to return to school to earn a master’s degree in human rights.And she was much more self-aware than the above cleansing stereotypes And like that, A person who is stumbling on her path through her fifties without clues as to who she really is. Of course, I support women to explore sexuality freely at any stage of their lives. But when it comes to Miranda, this part of her story feels like it was written just to make another character’s arc more substantive. But instead, upon reboot, Miranda appears to be experiencing memory weakness. Even better, it looks like you’re experiencing a midlife crisis.

Well, if that’s the result the reboot writer was aiming for, the mission was accomplished. But for fans who really knew Miranda and fell in love with her personality for many years, her strange demise at this show is very disappointing to see. We saw her fall in love (and fall in love) with Steve several times throughout the franchise, but she always came back to him last. However, And just like that, She hides her affair from Steve and blinds him completely by seeking a divorce. So it was actually hard to see him joking sadly from that moment on.

In this scenario, Miranda finally releases her from marriage, but her choice to chase Choi threatens to disband her entire family. Needless to say, Choi wasn’t excited at all to find out that Miranda wasn’t an open marriage and was hiding them from her family. They made their stance very clear in episode 8. “I don’t sneak around. I don’t cheat, and I don’t lie,” they said. “I’m doing a lot, but I’m not a home wrecker.” So the fact that Miranda is willing to throw everything out the window for them seems very reckless. And since the future with Choi is not guaranteed at this time, Miranda may just be preparing to be abandoned.

As the first season of And just like that Calm down, I wonder what the old Miranda would say to her future self if I could see what she was like. Will she praise her for chasing what she wants? Or will she give her some sense and tell her to grab herself? !!As a new fan of Sex and the CityIt would have been nice to see Miranda show some kind of maturity that should be her best year (especially when reboots are constant). Reminds us how “old” she is). But unfortunately, the ship seems to have set sail. Now I’m encouraging myself to see if Miranda’s turmoil ends in a train wreck.

What did you do to Miranda Hobbes, and just like that?

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