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Hybrid mobile apps, as the name implies, are apps that can support multiple operating systems and devices. These apps are built once and then deployed to app stores dedicated to various operating systems. In other words, a hybrid application is a combination of native and web application elements. You can use apps to get the performance and functionality of native apps, but these apps work using a browser.

In the future, this blog will discuss some of the features of hybrid apps and shed light on the best hybrid mobile app frameworks currently on the market. So if you’re here to learn more about hybrid app development and the best hybrid mobile app frameworks, stay with us until the end of this blog.

Benefits of hybrid applications

Before moving on, let’s understand some important benefits of hybrid mobile applications and understand the difference between native and hybrid apps.

  • Cross-platform support Allows users to use the same account on multiple devices to use the features of apps built on the hybrid mobile app framework. By supporting multiple operating systems, these apps can be easily synchronized by protecting the data on the cloud server. As a result, users can log in with the same credentials on their Android and iOS devices, which is fine.
  • Cost-effective development Another advantage is App development company You can use hybrid apps because you use less resources to build a fully functional app for multiple platforms. This means developers can cover larger markets around the world at less cost.
  • Reduced development time The capabilities of the hybrid app make it an ideal choice for individual developers. This process requires you to write the code once, and the code can be deployed across multiple operating systems.
  • Easy integration The combination of UI elements such as icons and navigation buttons makes the development process more ideal. A hybrid app development framework is available that can reduce app development time using features such as drag and drop.

Top hybrid app framework that exists in 2022

Hybrid app framework

The hybrid mobile app framework helps developers of different experience levels build apps with competitive quality and great features. This blog lists some of the top hybrid app development services that are popular according to market statistics. So let’s take a look at these frameworks without any further hassle.

  1. React native

One of the most popular options in the hybrid mobile app development process, React native The framework is open source.according to Statista, React Native leads the competition between hybrid app frameworks, occupying 42% of the market in 2019 and 2020. However, in 2021, it became less popular and had a market share of 38%.

One of the most popular hybrid app development services, React Native is a good platform for building apps for iOS, Android, and other operating systems. You can also use this JavaScript framework to build web applications.

  1. Flutter

In 2021, Flutter secured its first position in the competition for hybrid app development services, accounting for 42% of the market. The development of the hybrid mobile app was owned and created by technology giant Google and was first released in 2017. This open source SDK allows developers to build apps that support Windows, Android, and iOS, among other operating systems.

  1. ion

This hybrid app framework was first released in 2013 and is MIT licensed. The framework is written in JavaScript, one of the most popular hybrid app languages, and is open source. You can use the Ionic SDK as a set of components to build your app using web technologies such as CSS, HTML5, and Sass.

  1. NativeScript

NativeScript is an open source framework used to develop mobile apps. NativeScript apps are built using JavaScript or any other language that can be transpiled to JavaScript. For example, TypeScript. This framework also supports the Angular and Vue JavaScript frameworks.

  1. quasar

Quasar is another completely free open source license under the MIT. I’m using Vue.js. Being one of the top frameworks for hybrid mobile apps, you can write code once and deploy it as a website, mobile app or desktop. It is also said to be the most performance-focused framework.

  1. Kendo UI

Kendo UI is the framework used for hybrid mobile apps and also provides a collection of JavaScript components. The hybrid mobile app development framework utilizes Progress Telerik, which is also open source. It is often reviewed all over the world.

  1. Aurelia

Aurelia is a framework that is a collection of the latest JavaScript modules that can be used together to provide an efficient platform for building browser, mobile and desktop applications. The open source framework is also licensed by MIT.

  1. Framework 7

This open source creates a hybrid mobile app with a native feel. It comes with additional tools such as Electron and NW.js, and you can even build native desktop apps.Features provided by Framework 7 Includes native scrolling, library-independent, page transition animation, support for multiple views, hardware-accelerated animation via CSS3, XHR, caching, browser history, and page routing using a combination of preloads.

  1. Onsen UI

This is an open source hybrid mobile app development framework licensed under the Apache v2 license. Onsen UI consists of three layers, including CSS components, web components, and framework bindings. It’s really easy to use and is preferred for commercial purposes.

  1. Ext JS

Ext JS is considered the best JavaScript framework in the world. For large companies, it’s a better option than others because it helps create high-performance apps with a native experience. The framework has a number of out-of-the-box templates that support Angular and Reacts.

  1. Axway Appcelerator

Another best JavaScript-based hybrid mobile app framework is Axway Appcelerator. To improve the performance of your app and make it more user-friendly, the framework uses a combination of the Titanium SDK and JavaScript. It also supports Angular and Vue.

  1. Svelte native

This is the youngest framework in hybrid app development. It has Svelte and NativeScript. It takes the approach of shifting work to the compilation step in a given time lot. One drawback in this regard is that the framework is relatively new and can cause some issues.

  1. Xamarin

Last but not least, Xamarin is considered one of the top hybrid mobile app frameworks. You can use Xamarin tools to create native Android, iOS, and Windows apps. The company was founded in 2011, is owned by Microsoft and is based in San Francisco.

Hybrid application example

So far, we’ve talked about some of the benefits of hybrid app development services, but now let’s take a look at some of the well-known examples that already exist on the market.


Instagram is one of Most downloaded app We have now. It is equipped with HTML5. This app has a high engagement rate among your audience. The app also has support tools.For example, you can get it using some of these tools to enhance profile engagement. 10 likes for free..

As it is a social media app, it can also be used for messaging. Features such as reels, stories, and IGTV are the most important reasons to keep viewers hooked on this app.

b. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is another example of a very popular hybrid app. You can do it without other social media apps, but with the WhatsApp it’s a different story. Technically, it offers only messaging and story options, but its interface is very user-friendly and responsive, making it an important source of communication. Over the years, WhatsApp has become a popular tool among millions of users around the world.according to BusinessofApps,this is Best free app It is currently used by more than 2 billion people worldwide.


Everyone knows that Twitter is one of the most used, so we don’t need to introduce it. Social media app Recent. The engagement rate is also high. We also use HTML5. Twitter never sleeps, so people log in to this app to stay up to date on what’s happening every day. In addition to that, people are also using it as a video streaming platform. In addition to video, you can also share photo content here.

d. Gmail

Gmail is a hybrid app designed to help you manage your email in a portable way. This app provides features such as drafting, reviewing and deleting emails. You can also manage your email contacts from the app itself and use your email address to log in to other support apps.

e. Uber

It’s safe to define Uber as an important app. The reason is that with its easy-to-use interface and its user-friendly system, people consider it the first choice when they are looking forward to booking a taxi. It will be more convenient and improve performance when used on Android and iOS. We also offer multiple payment methods such as Paytm, UPI, debit card and cash, so users can choose and there is no problem in this regard.


Hybrid apps are no longer the story of the future. However, given their current popularity, it is easy to speculate that they will dominate future markets over the years to come. As devices are upgraded and available in more shapes and designs, these hybrid frameworks will evolve to support them.

Finally, I hope you find this blog about top hybrid app frameworks useful. You can explore MobileAppDaily to read more informative blogs and improve your knowledge of the world of technology. See you soon on another blog.

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