What is Docker?Sparks of the container revolution

Docker is a software platform for building applications based on. container-A small, lightweight execution environment that shares an operating system kernel, but otherwise runs separately from each other. Containers have been used on Linux and Unix systems for some time, but Docker, an open source project launched in 2013, allows developers to package software so that it can be built once and run anywhere. It contributed to the spread of technology.

A brief history of Docker

Founded in 2008 by Solomon Haix in Paris as DotCloud, what is now known as Docker Platform as a Service (PaaS) Before Pivot in 2013 Focus on democratizing the underlying software container on which the platform was running.

Hykes first demoed Docker At PyCon in March 2013, he explained that Docker was created as developers continued to seek the underlying technology to power the DotCloud platform. “We always thought it was cool to say,’Yes, this is our low-level work.’ Now you can run your Linux container with us, do whatever you want and build your platform. That’s what we do. “

And with the birth of Docker, open source projects attracted the attention of developers, the attention of prominent technology providers such as Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat, and venture capitalists who invest millions of dollars in innovative companies. I did. Start-up. The container revolution has begun.

What is a container?

As Hykes explained in PyCon’s talk, the container is “a self-contained software unit that can deliver from server over there to server over there, from laptop to EC2, to a huge bare metal server. Separated at the process level, It’s the same way because it has its own file system. “

By simplifying this process, Docker quickly approached the de facto industry standard for containers. With Docker, developers use a set of reusable images to deploy, duplicate, move, and back up their workloads in one streamlined way, porting their workloads more than before. You can increase your sexuality and flexibility.

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What is Docker?Sparks of the container revolution

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