What Makes a Successful Website?

Websites can have many purposes. They can be used by businesses to sell a product or service. An individual can develop a website as an online portfolio to display their skills and expertise to industry professional or potential employers. Enthusiasts that create a blog to share their interests with likeminded people.

A successful website is an essential aspect for every business. A website is often the first impression a customer garners of a business, therefore it should look great. A siteaffords greater opportunity for potential customers to find you, learn about the company and what it is it does.

At the outset a website does have a cost but it is a good return on investment. It provides credibility, reinforces the brand identity and opportunities for digital marketing.  It can answer consumer questions and act a form of customer service, in addition to a platform for updates and announcements. It offers a digital store front which is always open to customers which can lead to greater revenue.

Here are some features that all successful websites have in common. Business owners or individuals who want to their website to work well for them should consider investing time and effort into the following areas.

  1. Great content

Great content is useful to the target audience. It should be informative, insightful and interesting. Text should be clearly written in clear and simple sentences. When providing a service, content should answer potential questions from the customer. If selling a product, information should credible. In the case of a personal blog or portfolio, posts should be original and offer a unique point of view and a personal touch for experience and expertise. Great written content is elevated by the use of photo and video content also. When advertisingservices show examples, before and after photos. If selling a product present the product from all angles. Show the product in use.How to videos, videos of the product in use are great forms of advertising.

  1. Visually appealing

A successful website is visually appealing and attractive. This can be achieved through considered use of colour, font and imagery. Colours should be consistent with that of a business or individuals branding and consistent across the site. Choose a font that is easily legible. Try to complement content with original imagery.Good quality photos should accompany the text and provide additional information. When designing a website keep in mind that simplicity is often the best choice. 

  1. Good SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It refers to thevisibility of a site in a search engine. The better a site ranks in a search engine the more organic traffic directed to the site.

There are many factors which can affect SEO. So far, everything mentioned above; strong content, photos, videos, all contributes to the SEO of a website. However, great content is of little use if nobody is ready and most importantly sharing it.

In this case, off page SEO or link building can be useful to grow a website and increase its successfulness. Link building is a method of organising content on other sites who are open to endorsing a post or article on your website by referring back to it. Increasing your reach through link building can result in your site ranking more highly. Link building is a time-consuming pursuit. Therefore, it may be worth engaging in link building outsource. Employing the skills of a reputable agency with the knowledge and network of news sites and blogs will help to grow your reach and organic traffic.

  1. Smart UI/UX design

UI means user interface. This refers to the design, layout and graphics of a site. UX means user experience and refers to the interaction a customer has with a site from the first to the final click. A website with a simple layout, which is easy to navigate will be more pleasing to the audience. A potential customer is likely to disengage if information is well indexed through drop down menus. Consider what your want your target audience to gain from your website and ensure they can do this with the minimum number of clicks possible.

Spending time creating an attractive site with valuable information which is easy to navigate and well organised will help towards making it more successful and ultimately reaching the goal of the site for the business owner or individual.

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