What Will Your Car Accident Lawyer Do?

After getting into an accident, you might be wondering what the most critical steps to take are and whether or not it’s time to call in the lawyers. You should never try to handle a severe auto accident case on your own. It would be best if you sought help from an experienced car accident attorney or your specific area of residence for a professional representation. Here’s a look at some of the services your car accident lawyer will provide, including the specific tasks they can do on your behalf.

1.      Compiling Relevant Evidence

As your hired expert, your lawyer can help you collect objective evidence that could prove helpful in court. Remember every car accident case is different, and it’s up to your attorney to get all of the appropriate proof. This means gathering relevant information about your accident, including:

The more information you have going into negotiations with insurance companies, suppliers, or others who will affect your case going forward, the stronger position you’ll be in to get compensation. Your attorney will request you to share any photos or videos as soon as possible to use them when collecting evidence from other sources.

2.      Deal With Complex Paperwork

If you’ve been injured in an accident, your car accident lawyer will have to deal with the necessary paperwork required in your car accident claim. Medical records must be obtained and filed correctly and on time and all other pertinent documentation such as police reports. These documents often need to be filed within strict deadlines.

Additionally, you must file your case on time, or your rights will expire. Hiring an attorney that can take care of complex paperwork means you don’t have to deal with it, saving you time and stress. Your lawyer will file all of your paperwork and serve copies to each party in accordance with state law.

3.      Settling Your Injury Claim

Your car accident lawyer will deal with your insurance company to try and get you as much money as possible, whether that’s through negotiation or litigation. When negotiating with your insurer, your attorney can use legal tactics to pressure them into paying more money.

Settling your injury claim with insurance companies can be one of your lawyer’s most difficult tasks. While there’s an inherent conflict of interest that arises when working with insurance adjusters, your lawyer must avoid alienating insurers by showing them too much eagerness to settle out of court.


As soon as you’re involved in an auto accident, connect with a car accident attorney in St Petersburg or any nearby legal firm as soon as you can. There are various steps they can take on your behalf to support your case and protect your rights. Experienced lawyers will do everything possible to ensure that you get the best outcome possible.


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