What you can learn from Charli XCX’s birth chart

It’s official: Certification Party pop star Charli XCX is back. Fans have been hoping for the return of the “boom clap” singer following her life, Fan collaboration “Quarantine album” “Mood now” After she dropped the nostalgic single “Good Ones” from her long-awaited album “Crash”, they’re talking about Charlie’s slowback sound, reminiscent of her previous power ballad synth atmosphere.The native fire sign, known for its electro-pop groovers like the iconic throwback “I Love It” Forces to be considered — As an example, use her confidence and courage to defend a vulnerable community.

And why astrology is the Queen of Leo Energy is very dynamic.. If you are familiar with the zodiac, you may know how many voices your birth chart has regarding your personality traits, including your habits and manners. Her rule-breaking atmosphere and self-confidence may be due to her Leo sun, but her singer’s charts have far more than her sun sign.To explore her astrology more deeply, POPSUGAR Kyle ThomasAnalyzes the birth chart of Charli XCX, a pop culture astrologer from the New York Post and Page Six.

Big 3

Your sun, the moon, and the rising signs Make up your big threeShows something like your core personality, your emotional reaction, and your own portrayal of yourself. These placements are essential to the birth chart as they serve as the basis for other placements. To get your ascendant or rising sign and your birthplace, you need to know your date of birth. Thankfully, Charlie’s birth time is publicly available, so you can get the exact range of her birth chart.


In your birth chart, your sun shows your outward personality. Think of your sun as part of your personality that others perceive as your habits, habits, and manners.Charlie’s sun is heartwarming, brave, and Leo’s eye-popping signsMakes her a lively and natural artist.In fact, Charlie’s music has its roots in MySpace, where she Only 14 years old..

“Leo is always known for his self-confidence, passion and charm. [Being a Leo] Charlie is very creative in nature and aspires to express himself, “explains Thomas. Leo is a natural entertainer who loves parties. As a teenager, Charlie’s parents make sense to do so. Add an upcoming pop sensation to your raveAffects her sound.

Virgo moon

Your moon sign Dominate the inner selfIncludes your emotional reaction, intuition, and self-esteem. Charlie’s Lunar Sign is a super-organized, detail-oriented sign of Virgo, making her practical and highly altruistic.

“This means that Charlie is highly grounded and calculated internally. She is very critical of herself and others and can be a perfectionist. There is. She supports herself and others to the highest moral standards. She is open and can have a really difficult time, but once she does so, she gives very much, I will grow it, “explains Thomas.Fostering and caring for vulnerable groups makes sense given that Charlie has been very vocal about encouraging fans to help. LGBTQ + exerciseHer success People in the community..

Elevated cancer

your Ascendant or rising sign Your own depiction or your own claim. The signs of Charlie’s rise are sensitive and nurturing signs of cancer, giving the brave singer a soft, caregiving edge.

“She can play a nurturing role in relationships and can have deep compassion. She is also very emotional, so once you know her, she will Wear her heart on her sleeves, but at first there are millions of emotions under the radar as much as she can brew, she does her best to hide under her shell and always Express yourself as kind and charming, “says Thomas.Appropriate, singer of her track “Emotional” also admits in an interview with Z100 New York She loves to cry — Something that is very open about admitting only cancer placement.

Personal Planet

Your birth chart is your big 3 or above. Your cosmic identity is also made up of several personal planets, including your Mercury, Mars, and Venus constellations. These arrangements embody your communication style, your ambitions, and how you behave in relationships.

Leo Mercury

Mercury is the planet that governs the expression of communication and thinking. Like her sun sign, Charlie’s Mercury is a bold and brave Leo — she can be brave and confident, but she’s also very grown up and warm.Charlie is also open about her journey Treatment with a pandemic It has the courageous vulnerabilities that Leo is known to have.

“This means she’s bold, electrical, and very expressive when it comes to her communication style. She takes advantage of her fiery creative talents to others. Her passion is evident in every way of communication. It can be a little impulsive — talk, post, and express yourself before thinking twice. ” Says. But look at her rap sheet about the powerful LGBTQ + community activities, as well as the words of the star. Speech in russiaA country known for its controversial anti-homosexual law.

Gemini Mars

In astrology, Mars is a planet of aggression, ambition, and impulse. This planet dominates the way we claim ourselves. Charlie’s Martian sign is in the zodiac Gemini’s social circles.

“”[Charli’s Gemini Mars] Enhance your ability to communicate and connect with others — when it comes to conquest, progress, gender, or war, she uses her heart and words to reveal that she gets what she wants. She is versatile in her life and can bounce it off, and her strength gives her audience a strong, clear and influential effect through her lyrics, “Thomas said. I will explain. “Finally understood” The details of her treatment experience are a good example of what Gemini Mars is. Her greatest strength or aggression depends on her understanding of the situation.

The placement of Gemini Mars is neither very aggressive nor power consuming. All of them are to try avant-garde style of expression. Charlie during the 2020 blockade Collaboration with fans To create the quarantine album “How I’m Feeling Now”, the singer captured the live collective experience of quarantine.

Leo Venus

Venus dominates your romantic aspects, personal aesthetics, artistic tastes and more. Charlie’s Venus is in Leo. In short, she suggests that her passion for relationships is everything and she is not ashamed to break through her fashion barriers or simply show off her wealth.

“This makes her very romantic, creative and passionate in life and relationships. She is very affectionate and loyal to affection, but she is personally involved with the people. It demands a great deal of worship and attention. From her career, she has a particularly fiery glitz. This strength extends to her music, performance and fashion. ” Says. During her sultry Femme fatale fashion senseStyle, and music, Charli XCX gets her Message of desire for life Clearly across.

Leo is all about fun and excitement — they see life as a stage and are ready to entertain.and Only 14 years old, Charlie was releasing a song on MySpace. Her love of art only pushed the singer “Blame It On Your Love” to the rank of superstar, but the fate of her singer seems to have been shaped by the stars all along. ..

What you can learn from Charli XCX’s birth chart

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