What you can learn from the Britney Spears birth chart

If you’re a 90’s baby (or a lover of everything in Y2K), you’re probably aware of the astronomical impact. Britney Spears I’ve been involved in pop culture. Set today’s tone while dropping iconic hits like “… BabyOne More Time” Y2K fashion The Grammy-winning singer starring in the trending Shonda Rhimes movie “Crossroad” has proven to be a multifaceted talent that never goes out of date.After her resolution Published proceedingsFans and supporters, completed in November 2021, continue to express their support for the Free Britney movement, and the topic surrounding the “Piece of Me” singer begins her next stage in her life. Sometimes it’s not solved yet. Battle of her adult guardianship..She The next move is still pendingIt is clear that there is no shortage of support for the singer’s freedom and well-being.

Due to the lifestyle of pop stars, Spears are not a stranger Public eyesSo you might think you know everything you need to know about a “toxic” singer, but astrology suggests that Sagittarius has more than you can see.Chat with pop sugar TikTok Astrologer Astrodim Uncover the layers of the Spears Natal Chart and learn more about this iconic female.

Big 3

In astrology, Your big three Your inner planet — embraces your sun, moon, and ascendants. Think of these planets as a baseline of who you are, how you describe yourself, and how others see you. Spears’ birth times are publicly available, giving you access to her complete birth chart. This will give you the full range of her astrology.

Sagittarius sun

Your arrangement of the sun is generally what people think of when they think of their constellations. It represents your core identity, including your manners and habits, and how others see you.The spear Sagittarius sunThat is, she is ambitious and adventurous and needs space to become herself.

“People born under sag energy crave freedom and express themselves based on their inner passion,” Astrodim tells POPSUGAR. “This is why astrology enthusiasts were distressed to hear that her past guardianship hindered her from her freedom.” In addition, Sagittarius is usually positive and tends to get lost. People. This can explain why the “lucky” singer found such a huge stardom.

Aquarius moon

Your inner self, including your emotional reactions and intuition, is represented by Your moon sign. This layer is more personal and may not be so obvious to fans and people who don’t know Spears at an intimate level. The Spears Moon constellation is a rebellious and positive Aquarius, which tends to be a little away from emotions and very focused on social welfare.

“People with the Aquarius Moon feel that it is important to keep their family unit strong, but to do so they may feel that they need to take an independent approach to their emotions. No, “explains Astrodim. “Like most constellation moons, the moon in Aquarius often feels that we have to apply logic to our emotions to make sense.” In the case of Spears, her classic. “Abandon him” The T-shirt embodies the icy attitude of the moon in Aquarius.

Libra rise

In your natal chart, your ascendant sign, also known as yours Signs of rising, A depiction of yourself in a social situation. When you’re hosting a party, think about your dependable outfits or how you behave.The signs of a rise in Britney Notable constellation, LibraDominate everything, luxurious, romantic, and cheerful. With her characteristic pink and frivolous ensemble, Britney’s aesthetic has consistently given a Libra atmosphere through her reign in the music industry.

“The ruler of the Libra planet chart is Venus, the planet of love, romance, art and money. Her love for music and dance is not only in her charm, but in this part of her chart. Is also clearly shown, “says Astrodim. “The rise of Libra always appreciates one-on-one relationships, and they often learn about themselves through these relationships. In order for them to succeed and prosper, there is a balance and harmony in their lives. Is required.”

Personal Planet

In addition to your big three, your natal chart is made up of your personal planets: Mercury, Mars, and Venus. These signs dominate areas such as relationship habits, levels of ambition, and even thinking. Therefore, knowing how they work according to other arrangements can help you gain insight into how celestial bodies work.

Sagittarius Mercury

Mercury is the planet that governs communication and thinking. This planet is best recognized in the way we express ourselves by writing and speaking, but it also determines your way of thinking. Like her horoscope, Spears’ Mercury is in the freedom-loving Sagittarius, so she’s frank and honest when it comes to expressing herself through lyrics and interviews. For decades when she’s been in the spotlight, Spears has always boldly called it her point of view.

“When it comes to communication, Britney can be a Spitfire, and when it comes to recent posts to her family, you can see that,” says Astrodim. “People with Sagittarius Mercury have no choice but to be true speakers because Jupiter is the true seeker who dominates philosophy, beliefs, and culture.”

Virgo Mars

Mars is a planet that handles impulses, ambitions, and even aggression. This placement is usually displayed when you reach competitions, workplaces, and goals.Spears’ Mars sign is meticulously deep Virgo organized sign.. These signs are summarized and are known to be always prepared for the unpredictability of life.

“They try to do everything efficiently and try again until the mission is complete,” says Astrodim. “People in this arrangement aren’t afraid to practice at all. This can explain how Britney practiced her performance vigorously during the tour.” And these signs are well practiced. “People with Virgo on Mars are more open-minded than people give them credit,” says Astrodim, who tends to be scrutinized.

Venus in Capricorn

Venus is the ruler of beauty, art, love, and money. This benevolent planet emerges in relationships and friendships, with love and compassion everywhere. Spears’ Venus sign is practical and Capricorn disciplined signSo she takes money and heart problems equally seriously.

“The sign of Britney’s Venus means she not only loves to have control, but also respects authority,” says Astrodim. “People in this arrangement also feel that it is very important to have authority over their money and possessions. Being brave and fighting for the right to control her life and property is Representative of her Venus in Capricorn. “

What you can learn from the Britney Spears birth chart

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