What’s New in Coronavirus: According to NIH, Modana boosters are most effectively mixed with Johnson and the first dose of Johnson.

New York (WABC)-New information on mixing and matching COVID booster shots.

According to their research, Moderna’s booster shots were most effective for those who first took Johnson & Johnson shots, according to the National Institutes of Health.

It increased the antibody 76-fold.

Pfizer Booster produced 35 times more antibodies.

Sticking to Johnson & Johnson quadrupled the antibody.

The details of today’s COVID-19 heading are as follows:

NYC launches vaccine site outside the cinema
Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City on Wednesday Release of “Vax to the Movies” An initiative to open a pop-up COVID vaccine site outside the cinema. Starting this weekend, movie patrons will be vaccinated at the following theaters.
–AMC Magic Johnson Harlem
-Regal Union Square
-Concourse Plaza Multiplex Cinema
-Regal UA Sheepshead Bay
-Regal A Kaufman Astoria
-Regal Bricktown Charleston
The city is planning additional sites over the coming weekend.

Hochul calls the religious exemption decision a “disappointment decision”
A federal judge in Utica upheld 17 health workers and Governor Kathy Hokul who opposed vaccination obligations to New York health workers for religious reasons. I called it a “disappointing decision” It “affects our ability to help people.” Hochul says they will appeal the decision in the Second Circuit.

On Tuesday, Judge David Hard said, “The” reasonable accommodation “that must be extended to medically exempt health care workers under 2.61 is as well as to health care workers who disagree with sincerity. The defendant does not fully explain why the expansion was not possible. .. “

Los Angeles Harbor 24/7 to alleviate pre-holiday supply chain bottlenecks
The White House said it has on Wednesday Helped mediate the contract The 24/7 Los Angeles Harbor operation is part of an effort to eliminate supply chain bottlenecks and move left-behind container ships that are pushing up US consumer prices. In his afternoon speech, President Joe Biden planned to discuss an agreement on supply chain issues that are preventing the economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. Supply chain problems are closely linked to the broader inflation challenge facing Biden, as rising prices create both economic and political risk.

Unsupported allegations blame the Southwestern cancellation of pilot’s “sick out” over vaccine obligations
When Southwest Airlines canceled more than 2,000 flights over the weekend, due to bad weather, air traffic control issues, and unsupported claims Condemn the obligation of the vaccine I started to take off. Conservative politicians and experts, including Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz, have caused pilots and air traffic controllers to quit their jobs or call sick people to protest federal immunization requirements. Claimed that the flight was interrupted. The airline, its pilot union, and the Federal Aviation Administration have denied it.

“The weekend challenge wasn’t the result of a demonstration by Southwestern employees,” Southwestern spokesman Chris Mainz said on Monday.

Employees need COVID vaccine for Boeing mandate
Boeing becomes an employee Must be vaccinated against COVID-19 Or maybe you will be fired. The Seattle Times reports that the deadline for aerospace giant workers is December 8.

“Compliance with these requirements is a condition of employment,” said Boeing’s internal presentation from Tuesday, which the newspaper saw. “Employees who fail to meet these requirements … may be released from the company.”

Employees can apply for tax exemption “due to disability or sincere religious beliefs.” Employees granted such an exemption must be ready to “take frequent COVID-19 tests” and “provide negative test results on demand”.

More boosters on the way? FDA panel discussing additional vaccine doses for Moderna, J & J

Many Pfizer-vaccinated Americans have already rolled up their sleeves for booster shots, and Moderna or Johnson & Johnson-vaccinated millions of other people will be in their turn. I’m waiting anxiously.Federal Regulatory Authority Start tackling that question this week. On Thursday and Friday, the Food and Drug Administration will convene independent advisors at the beginning of the process of deciding whether to give two additional vaccines, and if so, who and when. The final go-ahead is not expected for at least another week.

Experts explain why the proceedings against the COVID-19 vaccine obligation fail
Some employees, from teachers to airline workers, who faced retirement due to non-compliance with the company’s COVID-19 vaccine obligations, went to court to fight the decision. Some plaintiffs, including New York City Education Department employees, a handful of Los Angeles County civil servants, and United Airlines workers, questioned the constitutionality of the rules and claimed they had no religious rights. He insisted that the obligation should be removed. It was observed. So far, these arguments have not upset judges who have ruled in favor of their employers, or who have not issued long injunctions while listening to the case.And legal experts tell them to ABC News Don’t expect different results Immediately in court.

What you need to know about the religious exemption of COVID shots as the vaccine obligation develops
Mandatory COVID-19 vaccines are skyrocketing nationwide in the public and private sectors, and in some school districts, with increasing opposition from people who do not want or hesitate to take shots. I am. Vaccination efforts raise new questions about exemptions, as vaccinations are generally relatively new and are generally mandatory for adults outside of environments such as medical facilities and the military.
Overall data on COVID-19 vaccine exemption is not yet available, but many companies and state governments Interested in religious exemption -Protection due to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This puts the employer in a difficult and legally unstable position to determine if the request is valid. As a result, some states are trying to abolish non-medical exemptions for employees altogether.

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What’s New in Coronavirus: According to NIH, Modana boosters are most effectively mixed with Johnson and the first dose of Johnson.

Source link What’s New in Coronavirus: According to NIH, Modana boosters are most effectively mixed with Johnson and the first dose of Johnson.

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