What’s the Difference Between Home Care Services and Private Caregivers?

There comes a point in a senior’s life when they can no longer perform certain daily activities without help. This may be due to a declining health, a worsening condition, a post-surgery recovery, or any other age-related factor for that matter. When this happens, families should start considering and weighing the options.

The first decision you have to make is whether to transfer your loved one to an assisted living facility or to hire caregivers at home. Many seniors would choose the latter. Being taken away from their old routines and the familiar comfort of their homes can affect the well-being of seniors. They maintain their independence and self-esteem better when they are cared for under their own roof. If you wish to consider your home care options, you can check out

If you have decided to keep your elderly loved one at home while receiving care, the next thing you need to weigh on is whether to hire a private caregiver or secure the services of a home health care agency. What’s the difference between home care services and private caregivers? Knowing the answer to this question can help you make a more informed decision. While both offer home care, there are differences you need to be aware of. If you are looking for a reliable home care agency, consider medi-cure home care in Atlanta, GA.

Private caregiver

What does it mean to hire a private caregiver? This means that you will directly hire the caregiver. It’s all up to you. This technically makes you the employer of the private caregiver you hired for your senior loved one.

Since there is an employer-employee relationship involved, you will be responsible for obligations that employers have to their employees, such as compensation insurance and tax implications. You will also do the background checks and other assessments to make sure that you are hiring a reliable and trustworthy caregiver for your loved one. You need to know more about the obligations and legal implications of hiring a private caregiver before going that path.

Compared to an agency, hiring a private caregiver may force you to give the caregiver at least part-time work, if not full-time. This makes the private caregiver option less flexible. The caregiver you hire may be skilled at daily living activities, but may not be equipped for, say, nursing care. This means that you will have to hire a part-time or even full-time nurse in the future, in case the condition of the senior changes for the worse.

A private caregiver may be skilled at particular fields, but may not have proper training in others. You need to ensure that every needs of your loved one, whether it’s physical, mental, social, emotional, and medical, are taken care of.

Home care agency

On the other hand, a home care agency provides you with better and more flexible options. You will not be the employer of the caregiver. The agency is the employer and you are simply their client. That means less obligations on your part. The agency will take care of everything, from hiring, background check, selecting, and providing you with the caregiver best suited to the unique needs and personality of the elderly.

With a home care agency you won’t have to be forced to choose full-time care. The care provided only depends on the needs of the client. You can choose certain services, like personal care, companion care, light housekeeping, bathing and grooming, and others. This may mean that different caregivers will be provided to cater to the specific or special needs of the client. Rest assured that all caregivers are background checked and have the necessary set of skills, training, and experience.

Knowing the differences between private caregivers and home care agencies, it is clear that home care service is the better option. Choose what’s best for your senior loved one.

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