When do healthy young Americans get the COVID-19 vaccine?

When should healthy young Americans expect to be vaccinated against COVID-19? It may not be until summer.

What happened:

Infectious disease expert Dr. Celine Gowner told CNN on Sunday night that young Americans may have to wait until summer, perhaps until the end of summer, to get the vaccine.

  • “We’re probably in the middle of the summer, looking at the end of the summer before the average healthy young American is vaccinated,” Gounder told CNN.

Gounder, a former member of the Biden Transition COVID-19 Advisory Board, said the focus is on preventing the new COVID-19 variant from becoming too widespread.

  • “The best way to prevent the emergence of new variants is to do everything we’ve been talking about for months,” she told CNN. “The more the virus spreads, the more mutations and variants it has.”

How much is the vaccine?

Gounder’s comments are made when the United States faces uncertainty about the amount of COVID-19 vaccine available. Dr. Rochelle Warrensky, the new director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said in Fox News Sunday that the federal government is currently unaware of the amount of vaccine.

  • “We can’t tell you how much vaccine we have. If we can’t tell you, we can’t tell the governor or the state health authorities,” she said. Told.
  • “If you don’t know how many vaccines you’ll get next week and next week, not just this week, you can’t plan. How many sites to deploy, how many vaccinated people you need, and how many public reservations you have. I can’t figure it out, “says Walensky.

When do healthy young Americans get the COVID-19 vaccine?

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