Where and when violent crime rates fall, and deaths from heart disease also fall

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In addition to keeping urban dwellers safer to live, work and play, new analysis of Chicago data shows that as violent crimes decrease, so does the mortality rate of the area from heart disease. .. This study Journal of the American Heart Association Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine have shown that violence can have serious implications not only for the individuals involved, but for the community as a whole.

“It’s important to recognize the health effects of the constructed environment,” said Lauren Everly Medicine, lead author of the study, Clinical Fellow of Cardiovascular Medicine and Associate Fellow of the Leonard-Davis Institute. I am saying. “exposure Violent crime In the broader context of how structural racism is harmful to health, it appears to be an important social determinant of cardiovascular health. “

Data from the latest 15-year data available in Chicago from 2000 to 2014 cover the overall significant reduction in violent crime. In the city as a whole, the total reduction was 16%, consistent with a 13% reduction in cardiovascular disease. death..

But when researchers looked at numbers at the neighborhood level, they found a deeper reduction in violent crime. Heart diseaseAlso related mortality rates. For example, the group in the region with the lowest violent crimes had an average reduction of 59%, which correlates with a total reduction of nearly 15% in heart disease mortality. Even in areas with the least changes in violent crime (10% reduction), cardiovascular mortality has decreased by more than 11%.

It is worth noting that if the decrease in violent crime was small, the decrease in mortality was small.

“In the community areas with the least reduction in crime, the improvement in cardiovascular mortality was also the smallest, so the existing mortality rates between neighboring areas of the city, especially with the recent rise in crime rates in the United States. Inequality can worsen over time, “Every said. “These results represent one big city in the United States that may not be generalized to other cities, but these results may reflect many other big cities across the country. There is sex. “

Studies show The violent crime tends to disproportionately affect the areas inhabited by people of color. A survey by Eberly and her colleagues did not explicitly investigate the racial composition of the neighborhoods surveyed, but its predictions indicate that the findings are likely to be very important.

“Based on these results, I hope people will consider the root cause of violence,” Everly said. “We must recognize the legacy of racist policies and practices that have caused concentrated disadvantages and crimes in blacks and other racial and ethnic minority areas. Racism.. “

One of the co-authors of the study, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Director of the Penn Urban Health Lab, Doctor of Medicine, Eugenia South, conducted clinical trials on neighborhood interventions aimed at improving public health and reducing violence. Did.These are included Increase in green space When Structural repair of low-income homes..

“In the light of our latest analysis, the impact of such interventions on cardiovascular health requires further attention,” said Everly.

The data from 2000 to 2014 was the latest set to be fully investigated. Since then, violent crimes have increased in both Chicago and many parts of the country. Eberly couldn’t say for sure due to the lack of recent data, but Eberly said these increases could also lead to increased cardiovascular mortality.

This survey does not classify violent crimes into different types. In cities like Philadelphia, gun crime has skyrocketed since the pandemic.

“Various types of crime rates in the neighborhood may have different implications for community health and need further investigation,” said Samed, lead author of the study and assistant professor of cardiovascular medicine. Dr. Hatana said. “Even if it’s violent Crime rate In the neighborhood, it is not a specific cause of cardiovascular death, but a marker of cardiovascular health and an increase in violence of all kinds. crime We are concerned because residents may identify areas that are particularly vulnerable to deteriorating cardiovascular health over the next few years. ”

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For more information:
Linking Community-Level Violent Crime and Cardiovascular Mortality in Chicago — Longitudinal Analysis, Journal of the American Heart Association (2022).

Quote: As the violent crime rate decreases, so does the death from heart disease (July 14, 2022). Obtained July 14, 2022 from https: // html

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Where and when violent crime rates fall, and deaths from heart disease also fall

Source link Where and when violent crime rates fall, and deaths from heart disease also fall

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