Where does Euphoria occur?

If you are watching season 2 Euphoria At HBO Max, you may be wondering what you missed. Show settings are established.. Don’t worry, you didn’t — and we suspect that a particular town might be named. Showrunner is probably Problems faced by high school students Euphoria It is not specific to a particular geographic area. Drug addiction, trauma, and cyberbullying are present in rural areas, cities, and everywhere in between.

That said, the series was shot in Southern California, and the palm trees and mountains found in outdoor scenes and aerial photography are consistent with the suburbs of the region. At the premiere, it was stated that Jules had “moved from the city to the suburbs”, so Euphoria It may take place in the suburbs of the suburbs of LA. The cast of the show is active on social media, and Instagram stories provide fun “behind the scenes” information, such as where to shoot.

for example, PopBuzz I took a snapshot from my account of Sydney Sweeney (playing Kathy in the series)..Sweeney posted an Instagram story showing that the cast has arrived. Ulysses S. Grant High SchoolLocated in Valley Glen, California, near the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. (School is a popular shooting location for both movies and TV shows. Saved by the bell.. Needless to say, the students were very excited that the HBO series was filmed at school.

Mall shown in Euphoria At first glance it looked pretty common, PopBuzz Also, the scene seems to have been shot at the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, California. Jacob Elordi (playing Nate) I took a picture with my fans at a luxury shopping center.

So it’s safe to assume that, Euphoria It’s important to remember that many of the difficult themes in the series are universal and affect teens across the country, as they take place in the suburbs of LA.

Where does Euphoria occur?

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