Which health services are good in Turkey?

We can say that Turkey is literally a health paradise. According to Letsmedi, obesity and dental treatments rank first among health services in Turkey. High quality of service; with its geographical and strategic location and mild climate, Turkey stands out in the field of health worldwide with its access to 1.5 billion people on some different continents within a few hours flight distance. One of the most important elements that puts Turkey at the top of health services is the expertise and experience of physicians. Due to the influence of general understanding and the education system in Turkey, the first choice of intelligent and successful students is usually medical schools. On the other hand, due to the density and structure of the population, the number and diversity of cases that doctors’ encounter in their specialties is quite high compared to many developed countries. This situation increases the opportunity for doctors to “train on the job” and gives an opportunity for significant experience. These two facts ensure that the quality of medical personnel in Turkey is high.

Turkey has universal health services under the General Health Insurance system. High-quality medical service is provided in Turkey. The revolutionary steps taken in Turkey in the field of health, as in many areas in recent years, have enabled Turkey to stand out in health services worldwide. While the health infrastructure was rapidly improved, the bed capacity was increased with the newly opened health centers. The increase in the number of physicians specializing in different fields with the modernization of medical education has increased the level of expertise of Turkey in many new fields, from eye and heart surgery to aesthetics. Turkey, ophthalmology, Orthopedic Surgery, Internal Medicine, otolaryngology diseases, gynecology, General Surgery, Oral and maxillofacial diseases, brain and nerve surgery, skin and venereal diseases, Child Health and diseases in every field such as medical treatment facilities. On the other hand, the areas where Turkey has stepped forward a few steps in recent years have been applications such as organ transplantation, eye and dental health, plastic surgery and hair transplant. The diversity of Turkey’s health services constitutes a point of attraction for both health tourists and international pensioners, whose numbers are increasing every day.

Obesity services in Turkey

In Turkey, thousands of patients undergo bariatric surgery each year. Obesity, which has become one of the biggest problems of our time, can be quickly and effectively cured. Bariatric surgery is also one of the recommended methods in the treatment. Obesity surgeries in Turkey has become easier with the advancement of technology. As a result, surgical methods of treating obesity have been developed. Obesity is the accumulation of excess fat in the body to disrupt health and thus become one of the biggest problems in our time. Obesity with more than 30 symptoms is associated with obesity and body mass index of 40. Surgery to lose weight, also known as surgery to lose weight, is popular today. One of the major reasons for this popularity is rapid weight gain after surgery. But in order to get the final and lasting results from obesity surgery, the patient should know about the work he did, pay attention to the diet and exercise under the supervision of a doctor later. After surgery, the patient should change his or her life

Dental services in Turkey

There are several types of dental care. Dental services in Turkey, mainly in aesthetic terms, uses different methods. Many methods, such as toothpaste, toothpaste treatment, Hollywood smile, are applications that make you have a better smile. The dentist sees to it that all the blemishes on the patient’s teeth are repaired. Cracks, missing teeth, or extravagance can fix the size or shape of many different things. Dental surgery is safe and completely painless. You can see the best results from the first meeting. Each patient uses a different type of dental treatment. The specialist first examines the patient and determines if he or she needs cosmetic or dental treatment. Go through the steps step by step. Generally speaking, people who want to have a beautiful smile and bright, white teeth prefer cosmetic care.

Health services prices in Turkey

Although the first factor that is effective in the decision of those who prefer Turkey in health care is above world standards and advanced health care, one of the most important reasons that feeds this decision is the competitive price advantage. Although this does not mean that medical services are cheap in Turkey, in general terms, the cost of living in Turkey is cheaper and therefore the cost of medical treatment and operations in Turkey is quite affordable compared to many European countries. According to the OECD hospital price index, Turkey is among the lowest indexed countries with an index of 41 compared to the average of 100. The European Union average is 91, while the USA is among the countries with an index of 115. Education and health in Turkey, which is a social state, are the most basic services offered by the state to all its citizens. Thanks to the social security system called General Health Insurance (GSS), many health services and pharmaceutical expenses are covered by the state. The basic requirements for foreigners who want to benefit from health services in Turkey are that they do not have insurance in a country other than Turkey and have actually been living in Turkey with a residence permit for more than a year. Foreign citizens can benefit from General Health Insurance (GSS) by applying after this period. Health services prices in Turkey are the most advantageous in the world in every sense. Many hospitals and health centers give prices according to the all-inclusive system. In other words, you do not pay anything other than the determined price.

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