White Label NFT platform: advantages, features and prospects

The “white mark” in the NFT technology market implies a turnkey solution with fully customizable modules. In practice, the user receives a ready-made platform with the ability to upload a digital asset, arrange a showcase and set up the necessary functions for deployment and sale. If you want to become the owner of this, go to the site: https://uastar.com/.

The White Label solution has gained popularity due to its customizability. The issue is that creating a marketplace from scratch is a time-consuming and costly process that trading companies can afford. Young entrepreneurs do not always have the financial means to attract a development team to implement a startup. In addition, the NFT environment is currently undergoing a number of transformations and is still very young compared to traditional trading markets.

Basics of White Label NFT Development

The main advantage of the white brand is the minimum time for development and maintenance. In other aspects of production, the White Label NFT platform is developed by cloning certain characteristics and properties from other solutions, taking into account the wishes of the client. Traditionally, the development stages are based on the following principle and procedure:

User interface. The most important part of the site in the NFT environment. In conditions of fierce competition, the consumer is more difficult to interest and retain. The user-friendly interface includes a series of options for quickly finding the right asset from those presented. A wide range of products simply needs a convenient and functional interface for comfortable use, otherwise the consumer will not waste his time and switch to another site.

Blockchain network. The digital asset will need to be registered on the blockchain network. This is a necessary and basic requirement for the production of tokens. Users have access to different networks (Ethereum, Open Sea), and each has its own characteristics.

Creation of a token. After registering on the blockchain network, the user can produce tokens and link them to their assets. The platform provides the ability to set rights to an after-sales asset: replication, ownership, percentage of sales, and so on.

Smart contract or certificate. A digital signature that verifies ownership of a digital asset.

Wallet integration. Required attribute, without which it is impossible to register a new user in principle. On the White Label NFT platform, integration of several payment applications is possible.

Testing. The completed showcase needs to be tested for possible errors. In this, the NFT space is no different from a traditional marketplace, as it functions based on the C++ syntax.

Promotion. It is important to analyze the work site taking into account customer feedback. Analytics of user preferences, criticisms, ratings will allow you to better understand the priorities of the target audience and coordinate your work in the future.

Advantages of the White Label NFT platform

Operational deployment. White Label positions itself as a ready-made solution with the most efficient system of settings. To get started, you will need a cryptocurrency wallet and a digital asset registered in the blockchain system.

Adaptability. A site with a white label will work stably even with high user traffic.

High level of security. This setting is relevant for most users. The White Label platform has built-in security features and modern data encryption for payment transactions.

In most cases, the White Label NFT site is associated with the Opensea or Rarible system. They also cannot be called newcomers to the cryptocurrency market. Most start-up entrepreneurs prefer the aforementioned blockchain-enabled services. Unlike Ethereum, you can create tokens here for free. Payment is withdrawn from completed transactions, and the amount of the commission depends on the value of the digital asset. If you have any questions, White Label NFT marketplace development company specialists will be happy to answer them.


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