White Lotus Season 2: New and Returning Cast

HBO’s second season production White lotus in progress. The miniseries will be an anthology of the future, which means that most casts will look different when Season 2 is displayed on the screen. Fortunately, we officially know who will lead the Season 2 ensemble. Yes, there is a familiar face between them.

The deadline is With Aubrey Plaza Sopranos Star Michael Imperioli is tapped as a regular in the series In the second installment of the HBO Murder Mystery series, the creator of the series, Mike White, will write, direct, and executive producer.Plaza that gained fans during Parks and recreationPlays a woman named Harper’s Pillar to check in White Lotus Resort.. There she crosses the road with the Imperioli character Dominique di Grasso.

Details surrounding the Season 2 plotThe location, release date, and release date haven’t been released yet, but we know that it follows the same dark vacation assumptions, albeit likely to be the location of a new hotel in White Lotus. Find out more about Reed Plaza and Imperioli. Check out the Season 2 casting list for more actors.

White Lotus Season 2: New and Returning Cast

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